Introducing the New Matrix Question Type

We have revolutionized the Matrix Question Type for mobile devices!

Instead of constantly scrolling to view every statement and choice, respondents can now use our collapsible sections feature.

Say you want to ask about the importance of certain car features. With the new collapsible sections, respondents can now view scale points, one car feature at a time. Once they’ve selected their answers within a certain section, that section will automatically collapse moving them on to another car feature. See it in action in the video above.

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NPS® Display and Branch Logic

When using the Net Promoter Score® question type, you can now set Display and Branch Logic for Promoter, Passive, or Detractor.

This new feature allows you to use one row of logic instead of seven, saving you time when you want to follow up with detractors.

Reference Surveys

Have you ever needed to make a change to one survey and wanted that change to be made across multiple surveys?

With Reference Surveys, now you can.

Reference Surveys give you greater control and flexibility. For example, it’s now easier to benchmark across all surveys with a locked group of questions you can quickly add, replace, or update. Learn more here.

Resizing Images with Ease

Tired of using custom JavaScript to make images larger when respondents click on them?

Now you can change the image size right from the Qualtrics platform!

Simply add an image to a question, right click on the image and select the graphic size option, input the size you want, and then select show full size when clicked. It’s that easy.

Javascript Form Engine (JFE)

We call it Jiffy. Our entirely new survey engine delivers some of the fastest survey load times on the planet. We’re talking milliseconds.

JFE pings the datacenter closest to where the survey is being taken, speeding up load times and giving the best possible experience for your respondents around the globe.

On top of that, JFE lays the framework for rolling out new features faster and easier than ever before. We love fast data.

Qualtrics SMS Surveys

Now you’re just a text message away from your customers.

Qualtrics’ updated SMS Surveys harness the power of text messaging to help you deliver surveys and collect feedback at the right time, in the right place, on the right device.

  1. Be sure Qualtrics SMS is enabled
  2. Go to Distribute Survey
  3. Select SMS

For full step-by-step instructions, including a “how-to” video, click here.

Qualtrics SMS is an advanced feature upgrade. To learn more and to enable access, please contact your account representative.

Survey Health

Now you can gauge the overall impact of your surveys, and make rapid adjustments as needed.

Survey Health allows you to access an automated summary of how your surveys are performing in the field, giving you information about response rates, trends, quota analysis and dropout rates.

  1. Login and
  2. Click Survey Health at the top of the My Surveys tab
  3. View your most recent survey (shown at the top of the page)
  4. On the right, select the Full Health Report

Net Promoter® Score Question Type

Does it get any easier?

This new question type automatically populates the likelihood to recommend measurement on the required zero-to-ten point scale and then formats the results into an easy-to-digest report.

  1. Go to Edit Survey
  2. Select Net Promoter® Score in the question type dropdown
  3. Insert your company name

API Update

We are constantly improving our API

functionality. Documentation can be

found here.

Version 2.4 of the API allows you to include embedded data, compound questions (like Side-by-Side) and question validation information in the getSurvey API call. More details around getSurvey can be found here.

Note: To access this new functionality, please update the API version in your request.