New Features


Qualtrics SMS Surveys – Capture pocket feedback, via text message, at the right time and the right place on a device nearly everyone has. Now you can interact with your customers in the same way they interact with a friend—just a text message away.

SMS Example Screenshot When Qualtrics SMS is enabled:
  • Go to Distribute Survey
  • Select SMS
Full step-by-step instructions, including a “how-to” video can be found HERE. Qualtrics SMS is an advanced feature upgrade. To learn more and to enable access, please contact your account representative.

View our SMS Terms of Service

Survey Health – Access an automated summary of how your surveys are performing in the field, including response rates, trends, quota analysis and dropout rates. Now you can gauge the overall effectiveness and impact of your surveys, and make rapid adjustments where needed.

Survey Health
  1. As you login, you’ll notice Survey Health at the top of the My Surveys tab
  2. Your most recent survey will show first
  3. On the right, you can also select the Full Health Report


Net Promoter® Score Question Type – This new question type automatically populates the “likelihood to recommend” measurement on the required zero-to-ten point scale and then formats the results into an easy-to-digest report.

NPS Large
  1. Go to Edit Survey
  2. Select Net Promoter® Score in the Question Type Dropdown
  3. Insert Your Company Name and You’re All Set
Does it get any easier? We submit that it does not!

Salesforce Integration Enhancements – Several features have been added to improve the integration between Salesforce and Qualtrics Research Suite. One of the biggest enhancements is the ability to map a response report link to Salesforce, rather than mapping one answer at a time. Now you can see the entire survey response from Salesforce with just one click. Learn more about this sweet new feature HERE.

Untitled1 In addition you can also:
  • Auto-schedule reminders when setting up a Salesforce email trigger.
  • Send messages in the recipient’s language and more…
Learn about triggering and emailing surveys HERE.

View Questions in Survey Flow – It is now easier to know which blocks you are arranging in the survey flow. Simply click on “Questions,” next to the block name in the survey flow, to view the list of questions in that block.

View Questions in Survey Flow Final
  1. Go to Edit Survey
  2. Go to Survey Flow
  3. Click on “Questions” Next to the Block Name

Brand Admin Final Brand Administrator Contact Info – When attempting to access functionality without the appropriate permissions, users will now see the brand administrator’s contact information.

Offline Surveys

Offline App: Save and Continue – Save and label a response in progress, then re-open the response later to continue taking the survey. Now you can start an offline response, save it, grab a churro and then finish when you feel like it.

Save and Continue Final To Save a Response in Progress:
  1. Exit survey
  2. Select Yes in Save Response Window
  3. Add a Response Description
To Resume a Saved Response:
  1. Select Saved Responses
  2. Select Appropriate Description
  3. Select Resume Response

Offline App: Table of Contents – Add a Table of Contents to your Offline Surveys to easily navigate between section blocks. Now you can tailor in-person surveys based on your conversations and choose the questions most relevant for the respondent.

Table of Contents Final Log in to Qualtrics Research Suite:
  1. Go to Edit Survey
  2. Go to Survey Flow
  3. Add a New Element
  4. Add Table of Contents
  5. Drag and Drop Question Blocks Below Table of Contents (See Image)
Learn more about Qualtrics Offline Surveys. Request a demo!

API Update

We are constantly improving our API functionality. Documentation can be found here.


Version 2.3 of the API allows you to include embedded data, compound questions (like Side-by-Side) and question validation information in the getSurvey API call. More details around getSurvey can be found here.

Note: To access this new functionality, please update the API version in your request.


  • Check out our online support and training at Qualtrics University.
  • Give us a call at 800-340-9194 about upgrade options, to learn more, or just to chat.
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