Customer Satisfaction Surveys

About Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What keeps your business alive and kicking? The customer! How do you keep the customer happy? Customer satisfaction has been defined as, “The state of mind that customers have about a company and its products or services when their expectations have been met or exceeded.” You can keep you customer satisfaction levels high by providing your customer with a great product or service.

If you are wanting to gauge how you are doing at this, the customer satisfaction survey can help you collect quantifiable data that measures the overall thoughts and feelings of your customer.

Typical satisfaction measurement questions:

  • Overall, how satisfied are you with (brand name)?
  • Would you recommend (brand name)?
  • Do you intend to repurchase (brand name)?

Customer Satisfaction Measurements:

  • Overall measures of customer satisfaction
  • Effective measures of customer satisfaction
  • Cognitive measures of customer satisfaction
  • Behavioral measures of customer satisfaction
  • Expectancy value measures of customer satisfaction

How Qualtrics Can Help You

Customer satisfaction surveys are a quick and easy way to improve customer relationship management. You want to keep your customers happy and we want to help by giving you access to the most advanced survey tool on the market. The Research Suite gives you access to a wide range of time-saving tools that will drastically improve your research experience.

Automated Surveys allow you to listen to your customers 24-hours-a-day without taking up staff time. You can instantly follow-up on positive or negative customer reviews and immediately make managerial decisions based on the reviews.

If you would like to track customer feedback over a long period of time, Longitudinal Tracking is offered as part of our custom reporting package. Do you know how your satisfaction changed from January to March this year? Make these comparisons and many more when you collect data in the Qualtrics Research Suite.

Your company is so great, it probably never has dissatisfied customers. But what if, once in a blue moon, you get bad customer feedback? Use Immediate Alerts to be notified anytime a customer gives negative feedback. In Edit Survey > Advanced Options you can set up email triggers that are fully customizable to your needs so you can quickly review and address bad customer feedback.

For your convenience, we also offer a variety of Flexible Distribution methods that help you survey your customer where and when you would like. Possible distribution methods include:

  • Emails
  • Pop-ups
  • Surveys embedded in your site
  • Printed codes on products

With a wide variety of surveys to reach your customers and the professional look at feel of our tool, you will be able to portray a positive image to respondents.

Best Practices

Customer satisfaction surveys are developed to provide an understanding of customers’ expectations and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction surveys typically require multiple questions that address different dimensions of the satisfaction concept. Customer service research includes measures of overall satisfaction, satisfaction with individual product and service attributes, and satisfaction with the benefits of purchase. The best approach to measuring customer satisfaction and building customer satisfaction surveys depends on the kind of product or service provided, the kinds of customers served, how many customers are served, the longevity and frequency of customer/supplier interactions, and what you intend to do with the results. There are very different approaches to customer satisfaction surveys and most produce meaningful and useful findings.