Market Research Surveys

Advanced Question Types

Forget about sending a boring or plain survey that lacks professionalism. Qualtrics market research survey software offers over 87 ways to ask a question, including multimedia and innovative question types. Personalize text, set-up triggers, embed data, set quotas, or randomize responses with the research suite. Learn more about past, current and potential customers, including their specific likes and dislikes with the Qualtrics way of surveying.

Branch Logic

The most creative and complex surveys take full advantage of our survey flow and branching features. Use branching to exclude certain respondents, terminate respondents that don’t qualify, present different languages within the same survey or segregate respondents based on their answers. If you can imagine it, branching will accomplish it. It practically allows you to create multiple surveys all in one. Save time and money by using Qualtrics branching features.

Pull Ahead in Market Research

If you are interested in market identification, market segmentation, or market trends, Qualtrics is the answer. You can take all types of classifications and use Qualtrics to produce results. Whether you are basing your research on demographics, purchase situations, or usage situations, our tool will provide the best online survey solution. Also, if this is a marketing team project, our enterprise feedback management features enable a smooth roll-out and a professional final presentation. Market research surveys don’t have to be difficult. Qualtrics supports countless criteria and makes your project easy, so you can pull ahead in market research.

Perform Cross Tabulation

Data transfer always takes time. Our research suite allows for advanced analysis that is usually only available with statistical modeling software. Use the cross tabulation feature to analyze correlations between question responses or panel information all within your account. Even more, you can export directly to SPSS with variable and value labels. Determine how often the target audience will buy a particular item, how much they are willing to pay for it, and their overall satisfaction with it with our advanced analysis.

Best Practices

Because Qualtrics has had countless years of research experience, our tool is formulated for all types of research. In decision making, research is essential. It increases your credibility and helps retain your vital assets. With a systematic and objective investigation of a subject or a problem, you will be able to discover relevant information.