Product Development Surveys


Surveys are an important part of new product development process. When you’re developing a new product, whether it be a blanket with sleeves or a new line of automobile, you want to make sure it will be a success. You can survey your target market, find out what they think and adjust your plans as needed. With product development surveys you can roll out your products with confidence.

There are many things to consider when developing a new product. Its up to you how you would like to approach your research. Generally, product surveys are concerned with branding, concept testing, pricing, product positioning and more.

  • Branding is essentially about brand equality, also called the value of the brand. The value of the brand is determined by brand awareness, brand attributes, perceived brand quality and brand loyalty.
  • Concept Testing, another approach to new product development, helps you minimize risk and maximize revenue when entering service, consumer product, and high-tech markets.
  • Pricing is a major issue when launching a new product. Price rating scales can determine the degree of importance that consumers attach to a given price level of a particular product.
  • Product Positioning deals with comparisons of a product or brand to the competition.

Qualtrics & New Product Acceptance

Qualtrics offers a wide range of tools to help you through the product development and product acceptance process. With Conjoint Analysis, you can compare attributes of a product, person, or process and discover preferences. It is the primary analysis method in new product development. With the Research Suite it is easy to set up a conjoint, and if you prefer, we have a professional services team that can take on the project for you.

Qualtrics makes it easy to create a a list of contacts using Panels. The Panels feature allows you to upload your contacts and access those contacts for distribution. You can also store and add embedded data about your contacts, making it easy to compare answers over time.

Once you’ve collected your data, you can take advantage of the Dynamic Analysis and Reporting offered by Qualtrics. Use the question statistics, filters, and subgroups to examine the data while keeping the whole process in one location. Our research suite also offers fully dynamic, customizable reports that can be crafted for proper presentation.

Through these tools and many more, Qualtrics solutions help you accomplish your complex product development goals with efficiency.