About Reporting


Reporting Beta is the innovative new Research Suite reporting tool, combining all the best aspects of View Reports with useful new features like multiple data sources and advanced customization.

Reporting Beta Tab

Worried that you won’t be able to do everything in Reporting Beta that you could with View Reports? We’ve got you covered. Reporting Beta still has all your favorite features from View Reports like data filters, cross tabulations, scheduled report emails, and exporting.

What’s so neat about Reporting Beta? Take a peek at some of these new options:

  • More Customization: Drag, drop, and resize graphs and tables to edit the layout of your report. Try the new graph and table types and add additional tables, graphs, text boxes, images, and shapes.
  • Professional Reports: Add a cover page with your organization’s logo, create background templates, and add and remove pages for a polished, publishable report.
  • Advanced Filtering: Create filters that include multiple criteria, such as an Embedded Data value, Completion Status, and Survey End Date. Choose exactly which filters should apply to each graph and table.
  • Multiple Data Sources: Create multiple filters for one survey or compare data from multiple surveys in one report.

Once you’ve Created a New Report in Reporting Beta, learn how to navigate a few important sections of the tool.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents is located on the left side of your report. Here you can quickly scroll through pages and click to navigate directly to a specific page in the report.

Table of Contents

To quickly add, remove, or copy pages in your report, right-click on a page in the Table of Contents. From this menu you can also rename pages, select and apply templates, themes and layouts, change the page orientation, and add Display Logic.

menu shortcuts

Report Content

The Main Content of your report is found next to the Table of Contents. This is where you can add, remove, and edit Tables, Graphs, Shapes, Text Boxes, and Images.

Report Content2
Qtip: Quickly resize, move, and edit any of the content in your report with Shortcuts.

Add Items

Use this section to add a new Table , Graph, Shape, Text Box, or Image in your report.

Add Items

Edit Items

Click on a Table , Graph, Shape, Text Box, or Image to access the editing menu. Use this section to specify the Data Source for Graphs and Tables, change Table and Graph types and settings, and customize layout.

Edit Items

For more information, see our pages on Tables, Graphs, and Shapes, Text, and Images.

Data Sources

This section displays the different sources of data used in your report. Each new report you create will start with one data source from your initial survey.

Data Sources

Think of a Data Source as a set of data that can be used in any of your charts and graphs. For example, you might have one data source including just respondents who shop at your competitor’s location, or another data source including just those respondents who answered in the past week.

As you build your report, use this section to add and remove data sources from multiple surveys, create advanced filters and Drill-Downs, generate Time Series data, and much more.

data sources example

For more information, see our page on Data Sources and Filters.

Report Options and Sharing

Change the general settings of your report and choose how to export and share your finished product.

Report Options and Sharing

Use the Report Options menu to change the font, colors, default table and graph types, and Template of your whole report.

Report Options Menu

Use the Share menu to publish your report to the web, distribute your report with the Email Scheduler, or export your report to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.

Share menu

For more information, see Report Options.


Edit your report quickly and easily with these mouse and keyboard shortcuts!

Moving Items

  • To move an item, simply click and drag the item to it’s new location.
  • click to drag
  • To move an item across multiple pages, click the item and drag it to the desired page preview in the Table of Contents.
  • drag to new page
  • You can click and drag to move whole pages up and down in the Table of Contents.
  • drag page
  • To move items small distances, click the item and use the , , , and keys on your keyboard.

Resizing Items

  • To resize an item, click the item and then drag the edge or corner.
  • click corner
  • If a table is not large enough to show all of the content, it will display as a torn sheet of paper at the bottom.
  • Torn page
  • To expand the table, click the drop-down arrow and then click Expand Table.
  • Expand Table

Copying Items

To copy an item in your report, select the item and then hold CRTL or Command and then press C.

Deleting Items

To delete an item in your report, select the item and then press Delete.

Grouping Items

To group multiple items in your report together, hold Shift and then click each item.