Import Responses

About Importing Responses

To combine responses from two identical surveys or to download your data so you can edit it and then re-upload it, you can use the Import Responses option in the Responses section of the View Results tab.

Importing Responses Into Your Survey

  1. You will first need a survey to import your data into. This can be the survey you downloaded the data from, a copy of the survey you downloaded from, or a survey that is identical to the one that collected the data you are uploading.
  2. Make sure your data file is ready for import. If you need to download your data file to edit it, you will go to the Download Data section of View Results and download the data as a .CSV file. Ensure that the data is downloaded with “Coded Values” instead of “Choice Text”. After editing the data, you will need to make sure it is still saved as a .CSV file for upload. If you are bringing in data from another survey program, it will also need to be saved as a .CSV file.
  3. Once your data file is prepared, you can import it into a survey in your account.
  4. Open the survey you would like to import to.
  5. Go to the View Results tab, and click into the Responses page.
  6. Click on the Advanced Options drop-down menu and select Import Responses.
  7. Browse and find the file for upload.
  8. The system will interpret the file and determine if the data columns are separated correctly. If the data is not formatted correctly in the preview, select Import Options and select a different Delimiter.
  9. Once the data appears in the preview correctly, click Import.

More Information

  • If you are not using one of the provided Delimiters in the Import Options, then click into the Delimiter text box and type the symbol of the delimiter being used.
  • When importing, the preview will show that the system is “ignoring” the first six columns of the data. This is normal and is necessary in order for the data to be imported correctly.
  • Responses that are imported will always appear in your data as “anonymous” responses, which means that the only information Qualtrics has about the respondents is the information that you imported.
  • If the number of responses shown does not match the number you have in your data file, then do not click the Import button. If you do, it will not import correctly and you will need to Delete the bad data from the Edit Results section.
  • If you are still having trouble importing, try deleting the contents of the first row of your file (the one that contains the question text), but leave the row itself there. Try importing again.