Embedded Data in Reports

About Embedded Data in Reports

Embedded Data that you have put into your Survey Flow will also show up in the Reports section. Embedded Data will be listed in the Questions List in your report, and will have the same chart and graph options available for questions.

Adding Embedded Data

  1. In the Edit Survey tab, click Survey Flow.
  2. At the end of your Survey Flow, click Add a New Element Here.
  3. Click Embedded Data.
  4. You can select Add From Panel. If adding from a panel, select a panel to pull the embedded data from, and then click OK.
  5. If you would like, you can manually add embedded data by typing the Embedded Data field name in the yellow text box.
  6. Click Save Flow and return to your report to view your embedded data with other question data.

More Information

  • Panel fields including the participant’s name and email address can also be saved as embedded data so that they show up in your reports. To use these fields, follow the steps above, and in step 5, enter RecipientEmail, RecipientFirstName, RecipientLastName, ExternalDataReference, or RecipientLanguage.
  • In some cases you might want to show static embedded data in your report rather than pulling it from a panel. For instance, before screening out a participant you may want to create an embedded data field in your Survey Flow called ScreenOut and set it equal to 1. Then, put that embedded data under a branch that is screening people out. In the results, you’ll be able to quickly see how many people screened out by checking to see how many times ScreenOut was set to 1.