Engage your employees while driving business and social impact.

Your company can partner with 5 For The Fight by inviting all employees to donate $5 per pay period. It is easy, automated through payroll, and 100% of donations go straight to groundbreaking cancer research.

  • 1 Personalize employee donations with a simple "My 5 is for __" campaign
  • 2 5 For The Fight caters a giving platform for you with your logo, language and personalizes emails.
  • 3 Employees can give $5 or any amount per pay period or make a flat donation
  • 4 Easily run reports to see giving in real-time
  • 5 ⅔ of companies match donations to increase impact

Employee giving with 5 For The Fight has had a huge impact on our culture and our company. The 5 For The Fight team helped us get set up quickly and efficiently and we are honored to be champions in this amazing cause.”

David S. Layton
President & CEO of Layton Construction

You make everyday transactions extraordinary.

A chance to contribute at the real or virtual register can lead to your customers and employees feeling more connected than ever. You can also pick one product that is tied to a donation.

Point of Sale Donations with 5 For The Fight

  • 1 Set campaign length and plan
  • 2 Employee education of your call to action
  • 3 Launch campaign with hand icon for customers to sign
  • 4 Track points by employee, team or location
  • 5 Reward top fundraising employees or location

Ready to join the fight with a collaboration of your own? Email us:

Just having a personal history with my grandparents and my wife going through cancer, we can be a part of something bigger with 5 For The Fight and our secret sauce. Grandma Marcela created that sauce, and this is a way we can pay tribute to her by donating sauce sales every year to cancer research.”

Jayson Edwards
Founder, J Dawgs

Let’s get to the next breakthrough for cancer research as you invite shoppers to donate to 5 For The Fight when they round up to the next dollar.

Point of Sale Donations with 5 For The Fight

  • 1 Set campaign length and plan
  • 2 Create signage and register code
  • 3 Employee education
  • 4 Employees ask: “Would you like to round up to the nearest dollar and donate the rest to cancer research today?
  • 5 Update customers on amount they’ve donated

Ready to join the fight with a collaboration of your own? Email us:

A value that’s really important to me is familial thoughtfulness. When you have a moment with somebody that has gone through cancer and can dedicate funds to research to solve it, there’s a connection that occurs. Our 5 For The Fight partnership has really deepened that relationship with our customers.”

Tyler Gray
The UPS Store, Store Owner


Set up a page in honor or memory of someone you love. Unleash the power of crowdfunding for any special occasion.

Fundraising/Run a race

Turn your next race resolution into rally for research support. Train, write a blurb about your intention and who your 5 is for, and share your fundraising website. Text or email to someone you know won’t turn you down to get the ball rolling. Update your progress to keep donations flowing while training and through your actual event.

Fundraising/Host an event

100% of all donations to 5 For The Fight form your event are donated to cancer research. Set the stage for an engaging and fun dinner, luncheon, or auction by completing our Co-Venturer Agreement. Eagle Scouts and student body officers find a 5 For The Fight events engage students and parents easily.

DIY Fundraising/Celebrate a Life

Create a legacy site for “in lieu of flowers” donations in honor or memory of a loved one. Our fundraising partner is Classy. You can join the fight or talk through your idea by emailing

  • 1 Sign up for a fundraising page tied to 5 For The Fight.
  • 2 Update the story and photo.
  • 3 Share your link on social media.
  • 4 Email/text your link to your fans.
  • 5 Thank and update donors of your progress.

In the last decade cancer has profoundly impacted so many of my dear friends and family and was eager to help, even in my small way, by funding the extension of many more remarkable humans. Through 5 for the Fight I was able to easily set up a campaign where I was able to raise $15,000 and donate it directly to cutting-edge research.”

Nathan Gardner

Give $5 in honor or memory of a loved one with cancer.

  • 1 Click to donate (PayPal covers 100% of fees)
  • 2 Write the name of a person touched by cancer on your hand
  • 3 Share on social
  • 4 Tag 5 friends to do the same
  • 5 Thank your donors

I”m honoring my stepmother Debra Hough in the 5 For The Fight campaign and I am challenging Brooks Laich, Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, and Aaron and Lauren Paul to join me in the fight.”

Julianne Hough


Your team can lead the way to motivate donations for cancer research.

What’s better than an arena or gymnasium full of fans? An arena full of engaged fans. With a 5 For The Fight Night, you can connect with your fans on an emotional level by working together towards a goal that everyone can get behind.

Steps for Fight Night

  • 1 Select a night to dedicate to cancer research
  • 2 Request a texting keyword
  • 3 Update and print the flyer
  • 4 Confirm call to action (text or pass the bucket)
  • 5 Coordinate volunteers and script for 5 For The Fight night!

It’s so inspiring because all of us can be a part of this fight to eradicate cancer."

Gail Miller
Owner, Utah Jazz

The best 5 For The Fight youth and high school sport nights include a 5 For Wall, announcer script, and a pass-the-bucket moment for donations.

  • 1 Talk to your team about dedicating your season to 5 For The Fight.
  • 2 Gather photos or players sharing their 5.
  • 3 Sign up to become a fundraiser on Classy share your story and photo.
  • 4 Share your site with your fans.
  • 5 Celebrate your fundraising success.

Our kids are amazed at the difficult influence cancer has on our community. But they have learned the great lesson of how strong we are and how we can work together to battle such a challenging disease.Team members had those who donated write the names of those affected by cancer on their arms. We’re so proud of these young men and their coaches and their efforts to fight cancer!”

Brad Gilman
8th grade coach, Roosevelt Junior High School

Make your custom fundraising page in a matter of minutes. Pick your sport, stat, target fundraising amount and recipient of the funds. Donors pledge per point, assist, mile, anything you can track!

  • 1 Pick a team or individual statistic to fundraise around.
  • 2 Customize a fundraising site with a photo and story.
  • 3 Share your campaign with your fans.
  • 4 Gather pledges per stat and watch your impact grow.
  • 5 Enter your stats. Donors will be charged for their donations on the credit card they provided.

The last thing my mom wished for and asked of me was to help people going through this to make it easier. I want to help as many people as I can. That’s why I asked everyone to join me in supporting 5 For The Fight so we can help those who are suffering from cancer and create a cure per assist. 5 For The Fight and Pledge It made it easy for fans to donate for every assist I made.”

Ricky Rubio
NBA Point Guard