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DAY 1 OF 2

How to Rethink and Reinvent Research - Day 1

Join us and some of the world's leading researchers and iconic brands - including Uber Eats, Chobani, and Pinterest - to learn how to rethink and reinvent research for today's rapidly changing world.

Across two days you'll hear how top brands are working differently to quickly understand new market realities, be more inclusive, and take action on what really matters.

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Starts at 11am AEST, 9am SGT // Duration: 45 minutes

JD Schramm, Academic Leader, Author + Kitty Xu, Pinterest
Getting buy-in on urgent action-taking. Discover how compelling storytelling combined with actionable data can help rally your organisation in times of crisis.

15 minute intermission

Starts at 12pm AEST, 10am SGT // Duration: 45 minutes

Maria Veronina, Chobani + Steven Wengrovitz, Uber Eats + Qualtrics Jesse Purewal
Move fast by eliminating the lag time. Tune into a live panel discussion to see how UberEats and Chobani are using real-time feedback to help their organisations take quick action in times of change.

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Picture of JD Schramm, EdD

JD Schramm, EdD

Lecturer, Author
Stanford University

Since 2002 JD Schramm has taught thousands of students at Stanford University, Columbia, and NYU to communicate more effectively. In 2020 he released his first book, Communicate with Mastery, based on his work establishing the communication curriculum at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

Picture of Kitty Xu, PhD

Kitty Xu, PhD

Quantitative User Experience Research Lead

Kitty joined Pinterest as the second quantitative user experience researcher on the Research team, and has been building and scaling the discipline for the past 4+ years within the company. Prior to Pinterest, she spent a decade in academia doing neuroscience research and holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University.

Picture of Maria Veronina

Maria Veronina

Strategic Planning Manager

Maria Veronina is a passionate and experienced marketing, innovation & strategy expert, she is currently heading the strategic planning process and long-term growth strategy development at Chobani. Maria has over 10 years of experience in different areas of marketing, having worked in top-tier FMCG for such companies as L’Oreal and currently Chobani, as well as growing businesses and academia. With a strong background in business, economics & research, Maria specialises in strategy, innovation, brand & experience management and consumer insights.

Picture of Steven Wengrovitz

Steven Wengrovitz

Head of Research
Uber Eats

Steven Wengrovitz is currently the Head of Research at Uber Eats. Prior to Uber, he led research teams at Facebook, focusing on understanding and improving the relevance, quality, and user experience of advertising, news, and video on Facebook. Steven has spent the past 15 years researching consumer decision making and directing data driven, user centric product development in the media and technology space. He graduated from Wesleyan University, from which he also received a master’s degree in psychology, and lives with his husband, dog, and newborn daughter.

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