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How to rethink and
reinvent research

Tune into 2 days of great insights from leading global researchers and iconic brands – including Uber Eats, Chobani, and Pinterest – to learn how to rethink and reinvent research for today’s rapidly changing world.

Sessions Preview

Maria Veronina // Chobani +
Steven Wengrovitz // Uber Eats +
Jesse Purewal // Qualtrics

Move fast by eliminating
the lagtime

Tune into a live panel discussion to see how UberEats and
Chobani are using real-time feedback to help their
organisations take quick action in times of change.

JD Schramm // Academic Leader, Author +
Kitty Xu // Pinterest

Getting buy-in on
urgent action-taking

Discover how compelling storytelling combined with
actionable data can help rally your organisation in
times of crisis.

Emily Geisen // Qualtrics XM Scientist +
Mandy Sha // Research Director

Every voice matters

The old way of collecting data wasn’t designed with
Diversity and Inclusion in mind. In this Q&A, we’ll discuss
ways to ensure every voice is heard — not just the ones
who look, think, or act like us.

Matt Dixon // Tethr +
Jacqueline Lance // City National Bank

Listen before you act

Taking the right actions starts with listening to the right
people. Join this live Q&A session as we discuss the
importance of using multiple listening channels and how to
choose the most relevant ones.