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The 3 phases of becoming a journey-centric organisation

Journey-centricity leads to higher revenue, reduced costs, and better customer experience (CX). But becoming journey-centric takes many years and requires a change in operating model, moving six operational levers in concert.

Executives must lead their firms through three phases of transformation: activate, connect, and extend. Everyone must embrace the mind shifts required to fuel this bold vision, leverage catalysts that can help companies cycle faster through the three phases, avoid the pitfalls, and address the challenges.

Whether you are just beginning the process to become more journey-centric or you are further along in your program, this webinar will provide immediate steps that everyone can take and a playbook to achieve full journey-centricity.

What you’ll take away from this session:

  • Learn more about the three phases of journey-centric transformation: activate, connect and extend
  • Understand how to utilise six operational levers to become journey-centric
  • How to use analytics to inform your customer journey understanding

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Picture of Joana de Quintanilha, Guest Speaker

Joana de Quintanilha, Guest Speaker

VP at Principal Analyst

Based in Amsterdam, Joana serves customer experience professionals. Her areas of expertise include digital customer experience, tools like journey mapping, and Agile methods. Joana also focuses on brand and leads Customer Experience Index research in Europe.

Before joining Forrester, Joana was the senior customer experience manager at Elsevier, a leading provider of science and health information. She was responsible for all aspects of customer experience including measurement, strategy, customer understanding, and design. She set up and managed a team of customer experience professionals in charge of delivering customer insights to the business through customer journey and ecosystem mapping as well as implementing projects that drove customer satisfaction and reduced customer effort at Elsevier. Joana has a strong background in digital customer experience through her role as editor-in-chief of Elsevier's digital platform from 2008 to 2011.

Picture of Koren Stucki

Koren Stucki

Global Lead, Strategic Consulting, XM Discover at Qualtrics

Koren leads Strategic Consulting for XM Discover at Qualtrics and helps clients take a programmatic, enterprise approach to drive continuous improvement. She has extensive experience in service innovation, customer experience, and voice of the customer and employee programs, having built organisations and programs as a practitioner in Fortune 100 and start-up businesses and as a consultant to companies across industries. Prior to joining Qualtrics, Koren held leadership positions in Customer Experience, Customer Management / Operations, Strategy, Marketing, and Consulting for Telecommunications and Customer Analytics companies.

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