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From insights to outcomes: How Energy Australia is uncovering lead indicators

To make sense of rapidly changing markets, behaviours, and attitudes, it’s imperative businesses transform the way they do research.

Businesses don't just need real-time insights - they need data they can quickly take action on to drive outcomes. This requires them to integrate data from inside and outside the organisation. It means research needs to focus on current issues and concerns, and be conducted regularly. And insights need to be readily available to decision makers. Only then will businesses truly understand what’s going on and have the leading indicators they need to drive lasting success.

Join Energy Australia as the leading energy retailer explores how the company is changing the way it does research with Qualtrics to successfully guide the business forward.

You will learn how to:

  • Uncover leading indicators to help design and optimise the business response
  • Increase efficiency of existing research resources and projects
  • Cultivate a true customer centric culture by enabling leaders with meaningful insights
  • Implement research practices providing long-stand value

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Picture of Nick Biggin

Nick Biggin

Research Leader | Customer, Energy Australia

Picture of Lisa Khatri

Lisa Khatri

Research & Brand Experience Lead APJ, Qualtrics

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