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Your checklist for creating a modern contact centre

As part of your overall customer care, contact centres remain one of the most personal and important touchpoints in the customer journey. Contact centres represent a key point of experience differentiation that can help turn customers into fans, but is often disregarded as a “cost centre” with complicated challenges such as employee churn, high call volume, declining CSAT scores, etc.

The contact centre of the future looks and acts much differently—from utilising the right technology to training practices to organisational culture—this checklist covers three critical areas in need of transformation in the contact centre.

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The three areas are:

  • Competency: Agents of the future must not only be fully-skilled, but also empowered and free-thinking.
  • Call Center Technology: The contact centre of the future will be able to closely monitor every experience that impacts customers, share the right data and insights with agents, and deliver personalised, differentiated experiences to customers – all by using the right technology.
  • Culture: Moving towards a set of metrics that includes a customer and business value outcome is the starting point for transforming how people view the contact centre.

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