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IBM Kenexa + Qualtrics Partnering to Build The World’s Best Employee Engagement Solution

IBM Kenexa & Qualtrics have partnered globally to provide the world’s most powerful employee experience solution—Qualtrics' best-in-class employee feedback technology paired with Kenexa’s industry benchmarks and the world's most well-known AI brand, IBM Watson. With powerful technology and research-backed expertise, you now have everything you need to build stronger teams, drive higher productivity, and lower unwanted employee attrition.

The Benefits of World-Class Technology + IBM Watson™ + World Norms

  • Join more than 500 customers worldwide who run their employee experience programs using Qualtrics, including brands like Volkswagen, Zillow, Whole Foods, and the Imperial NHS
  • Measure full-lifecycle employee insights with Qualtrics' world-class feedback platform, from recruiting and onboarding to engagement and exit
  • Enable every leader and manager with real-time, role-based, and actionable data from their teams
  • Access best-in-class analysis and reporting powered by IBM Watson’s natural language understanding and Qualtrics' best-in-class feedback and text analytics
  • Compare your employee engagement with the best in the world with IBM Kenexa World Norms as well as Qualtrics EX benchmarks
  • Continue to take advantage of your existing IBM Kenexa survey content as you evolve your employee engagement program

Technology for the future workplace

Qualtrics Employee Experience™ helps companies understand the employee journey, automatically prioritise key drivers of engagement and experience, and take action.

Improving experiences for more than 9,000 brands in 95+ countries

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We are providing a fantastic solution for our employees to develop their careers – easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

From employee participation to leadership action—the results show. Our attrition model has improved by 10X.

Before this process, there was uncertainty around the state of talent. Now, we can provide reporting and results immediately.

With Qualtrics we're improving the working lives of the people who save lives
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