People often ask us about the difference between the default Panels tab in Research Suite and the Qualtrics Target Audience Platform. While both help you upload email respondent lists, Target Audience takes things a step further than the Panels tab.


To help you understand what sets Target Audience apart from the Panels tab, we’re providing a free, downloadable guide which will help you discover ten elements that make Target Audience the easiest to use, and the most robust and complete respondent management tool on the market.


Download the PDF Guide and take a look at the list below. You’ll see all that the championship-worthy Target Audience has to offer.


10 stand-out Target Audience features

Download PDF Guide


  1. Master Directory

The master directory gives users a view of all contacts that have been uploaded by all users.

Be smarter about your research by consolidating all contacts from all lists and projects into one master directory. Easily search and pull samples from an organization-wide database of contacts. Gain a holistic view of all the interactions with each individual contact.


  1. Contact Frequency Rules

Contact frequency rules can be set to prevent individual contacts from receiving too many emails and survey invites in a given period.

-Avoid declining response rates by controlling contact frequency and reducing survey fatigue.


  1. Global Opt-Out Tracking

Target Audience keeps track of opt-outs and enforces them across users and projects.

-Protect your brand and preserve relationships by effectively honoring opt-outs. Maintain a master survey opt-out list and easily enforce it across all users.


  1. Automated Deduplication

Automated deduplication checks all incoming contacts to see if they are already in the directory. If so, data is merged and interaction history is preserved.

-Easily maintain a clean directory by avoiding the creation of duplicate contact records. Ensure that you always have a single, authoritative contact record for each individual respondent.


  1. Activity Stats

Target Audience tracks useful statistics about each contact including response rates, average response times, last email date, and more.

-Keep better track of who has been surveyed, when they were last surveyed, and how likely they are to respond.


  1. Survey History Search

Target Audience allows you to search and sample based on past survey responses. All survey responses from each contact are logged automatically.

-Quickly and easily utilize past responses to survey questions to decide who you want to contact for upcoming surveys.


  1. Incentive Management

Incentive management tools allow users to setup and track rewards in a variety of ways, such as sweepstakes, points programs, and more. The system can even send out reward codes automatically.

-Improve response rates using incentives. Automate the tracking and fulfillment of incentives to qualified survey respondents.


  1. Advanced Email Tools

Target Audience offers more flexible email tools such as the ability to send general emails (not just survey invites) and track email open rates.

-Easily send an email to a list of contacts. Promote engagement by sending email updates, newsletters, or survey results to your contacts. Improve survey response rates by tracking how many people actually open your emails.


  1. List Triggers

List triggers allow users to setup automatic emails that get sent to contacts when they first join a list or when they opt out.

-Promote engagement by sending automated welcome emails to people who join your panel. Automatically invite new contacts to take a profiling survey and tell you more about themselves.


  1. Data Management Tools

With Target Audience, users can easily manage and edit their embedded data, quickly edit and delete fields on the directory level, add new fields to multiple contacts at once, and much more.

-Keep your directory clean and organized. Merge embedded data fields that are the same (e.g., zip, zip code, postal code), delete unwanted field names from the system in a single click, and edit the data of multiple respondents all at once.
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