It’s #SimplicityDay – so here are some top tips from Qualtrics employees and their networks about simplifying work and life:

  1. Pick up the phone instead of emailing. – Jeff M
  2. Work off a list when you feel like you have a lot going on. – Crystal M
    • Section the list by work and life activities.
    • Write the top 3-5 things overall you are wanting to get done that day.
    • Check things off! It will help you maintain a positive, forward momentum in your day.
  3. Use proper email etiquette! – Kristi H
    • Avoid “Reply to All”! It is often unnecessary for the whole group to see your response. All you are doing is cluttering everyone else’s inbox.
    • Only put those whom you require a response from in the “To” line. Anyone else should be cc’ed as an FYI. This avoids confusion on the conversation and helps others prioritize appropriately.
  4. Use proper meeting etiquette. – Bridget D
    • Avoid unnecessary meetings and only include those that truly need to be there to contribute.
    • Have an agenda and desired outcomes set in the meeting notes when inviting people to a meeting.
    • Make all meetings only 30 minutes unless it is absolutely necessary to be longer. – Julie S
  5. Network to help simplify work and life. – Mike H
    • Having a good network will help you effectively navigate to find the right subject matter expert.
    • A good network will help you to know your resources and avoid doing things that other people in your network can do better.

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