The experience was in full force on Thursday as we welcomed back more than 6,000 X4 attendees for another day of inspiring keynotes and breakouts.

For day two we welcomed an all-star lineup including Pro-Skateboarder and activist, Tony Hawk; Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Summer Sanders; Activist, Monica Lewinsky; Best-Selling Author and Top 10 Leadership Thinker, Liz Wiseman; Dance Psychologist, Peter Lovatt; President of Basketball Operations for the LA Lakers, Earvin “Magic” Johnson; Lin-Manuel Miranda; and Qualtrics Co-Founders Ryan and Jared Smith.

On Thursday, experience management lessons from the X4 main stage included building and retaining brand in tough circumstances, inspiring employees to do better work, showing humanity through technology, improving creative thinking through dance, providing champion-level leadership, and creating musical experiences with research and empathy. And that all led to a glimpse of the future of predictive analytics on the XM platform.

It was exhausting, but the experiences were totally worth it.

In case you missed anything, here’s a quick recap.

Tony Hawk and Summer Sanders on building and retaining brand

When Tony Hawk was growing up, professional skateboarding was not a sport. As one of the pioneers of the sport, Tony had to build both his brand, and the skating brand with it. The motivation had to come within. Years later, skateboarding is part of the national conversation (Tokyo 2020 Olympics?) and Tony is using skate parks to improve the experiences of youth in at-risk communities across the country.

Tony also joined us for the X4 Warehouse party to showcase the thrill of the vert ramp. Catch some of those highlights:

Monica Lewinsky on Cyber-Bullying and Showing Humanity Through Technology

Monica Lewinsky has made a career of taking on cyber-bullying, an epidemic in the internet age. She joined us on International Women’s Day to discuss how we should have humanity, even through technology, and how one school district in Iowa is using Qualtrics technology to identify, and prevent bullying. As Jared Smith said, “Not all experiences should exist.” The work being done by the Iowa City Community School District is inspirational — it gives a voice and it gives help to students suffering through a bad school experience.

Note: The Iowa City Community School District referenced also spoke at X4. All attendees will recieve a copy of this presentation. Non-attendees email X4 to request the deck.

Lin-Manuel Miranda on Using Empathy and Research to Create

Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the most prolific lyricists and brilliant creators of our day. His talent has re-made the Broadway experience with original Tony-award winning musicals like Hamilton and In the Heights. At X4, he chatted with Ryan Smith about fusing empathy and research in the creative process.

Dr. Peter Lovatt on Psychology of Dance

In this interactive, heart pumping session, Dr. Peter Lovatt proved his message of the impact of dance by getting the audience up and moving. He discussed how sparking creativity comes from following four steps: stand-up; shake; synchronize; and smile, and how dance provides an experience so universal it can even help those with Parkinson’s Disease.

Liz Wiseman on Building Better Leaders

Best-selling author and Top-10 Leadership thinker, Liz Wiseman taught the X4 audience how to structure our relationships to inspire people to be better co-workers and leaders. The secret for customer and employee experience leaders: Liz emphasized the need to listen in our communication, so we become multipliers for our customers and teams. If we don’t wait for their input, we become accidental diminishers.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson on Being a Champion-Quality Leader In Business

There are few experiences bigger than watching Magic Johnson. And X4 attendees discovered that, off the court, he’s creating a next-gen employee experience for the entire Lakers organization. In his highly interactive session, Magic walked us through what it takes to be a leader in business, and how to motivate your team to better results.

Ryan Smith and Jared Smith On The Future of Predictive Analytics in CX

Using five years of Qualtrics Summit data, co-founders and brothers Ryan & Jared Smith showed the audience how many of them were likely to come back next year. Those who were less likely to return got a little light-hearted inducement. The presentation exhibited the power of predictive analytics, real-time feedback, and acting on the results. They also demonstrated how this technology is coming to the Qualtrics platform.
(You can read more about that here.)

Everything we do at Qualtrics is meant to empower and inspire you, the experience champions in your communities. The Qualtrics family ended the week proud to be able to launch this next phase of the Experience Management Platform.

It’s been an amazing week full of truly inspiring keynotes. Thank you to our truly amazing presenters.

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