Few people reach icon status. Magic has become synonymous with inspiration, passion, tenacity. But even iconic people have to work to take care of an iconic brand.

That is the challenge our next X4 speaker, 5-time world champion, and 3-time NBA MVP Earvin “Magic” Johnson, is confronting and overcoming every day as an LA Lakers leader.

Magic Johnson, Experience Icon

After playing for the Lakers for more than twelve years, Magic Johnson has most recently been serving as the President of Basketball Operations for the team. In this time he has focused both on bringing back the skill level to the franchise, and on changing the way that people view the Lakers from the outside.

Magic has concentrated on improving the experiences of fans, agents, and players, and creating an environment around a team hungry to return to national prominence. He has helped to re-shape the Lakers culture by setting and managing expectations, yet pushing for growth in the organization. As a former player, and successful businessman, he has been in a unique position to understand both experiences.

He is responsible for maintaining not just a roster, but a reputation and an overall experience. Sound familiar?

You may have had his player poster on your wall, but now you get to hear from him at X4 and apply his lessons to your core area of experience.

We can’t wait to learn from Magic this year at X4!

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