How do you build a culture? And how do you nurture one of the world’s biggest brands? These are both questions our next keynote speaker Arianna Huffington knows intimately. And she’s got answers.

Arianna Huffington at X4

Arianna Huffington is best known as co-founder and former editor-in-chief of HuffPost (formerly known as The Huffington Post), now owned by AOL. The publication, founded in 2005, jolted the Internet with an always-on, always-opinionated take on national news. And many of today’s online news outlets owe their lives to the news-with-a-view HuffPost model. The publication has since grown to a worldwide outlet, reaching nearly 200 million readers every month. In 2016 Arianna left her post at HuffPost to form Thrive Global, a company focused on fitness and wellness.

And today, with a critical seat on the board of Uber, Arianna is intensely focused on building the culture of one of the world’s most prominent companies. At Uber she is helping to drive a shift in culture, as well as cultivate the customer and employee experience at the company. One of her top priorities: challenging the ‘always on’ culture that can burn out employees – and culture.

This is no surprise. Huffington is well known for her approach towards health, particularly towards taking mental health breaks, and the power of getting enough sleep in each night. She is a New York Times best selling author of books such as Thrive and The Sleep Revolution describing research in these fields, and gave a TED talk with over 4 million views on how to get better sleep.

Arianna has built a career on crafting great brand experiences, ranging from publishing to tech. At Summit, we’re thrilled to be learning from Arianna as a successful businesswoman, syndicated columnist, as well as an expert on building a peerless experience.

We look forward to hearing from her at X4!

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