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Are you using stay interviews in your employee experience program?

Very often companies wait until employees exit to ask about their experiences – what worked, what didn’t, did they have adequate learning opportunities, how often did they receive feedback, etc. Although exit interviews and surveys are valuable, it’s often too late in the game to have a meaningful intervention on that employee’s experience, particularly for […]

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How to make the candidate experience count

In today’s talent market, candidates hold all the cards. From increasing demands for very specific skill sets to new types of jobs emerging and a trend towards slower time to fill positions, today’s candidates can be incredibly selective about their next career moves compared to those just 10 years ago. They wield significant power in […]

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Designing Great Employee Onboarding Experiences

Onboarding is one of the most pivotal moments in an employee’s tenure with a company – it truly is a make or break moment. The Human Capital Institute (HCI, 2018) recently released results from an onboarding benchmarking study of 350 companies. The focus of the study was to assess the effectiveness of onboarding practices in […]

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