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New Qualtrics Content Answers: “What is Experience Management?”

Managing your product, brand, customer and employee experiences is the clearest path to business growth. Your experience management (XM) skills determine the future of your brand. XM is how you build awesome products that people camp in line for. XM is how you attract the employees everyone is trying to hire. And XM is how […]

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15 Survey Questions For B2B Buyer Persona Success

No one ever built a successful buyer B2B persona framework by guessing. In fact, building your buyer personas without research is the good way to fail. If your buyer personas are off, your product will be off. Your message will be off. Your brand will be off. Your customer experience will be off. This all […]

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For How Long Should Your Survey Be Open?

One of the most common questions you will be asked about your survey is “What was the sample size?”, and rightly so. Sample size is an important signal that tells others if they can believe your findings. Sample size is what makes the difference between your research being “quantitative” that is generally statistically significant or […]

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