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How to Build a Prediction-Based Customer Churn Program

Unlike most market research practices, using predictive analytics to address customer churn is a highly iterative process. Specifically, there are two iterative phases: building and refining your data set and model; and testing and learning into your response program. But before digging deeper into these processes, let’s first look at why anyone would even want […]

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How L.L. Bean Swipes Right With Tinder-style Customer Surveys

L.L. Bean tests a Tinder-style survey and learns that it yields a more enjoyable user experience – and results the company is putting to use. 106-year-old L.L.Bean is a pioneer in delivering remarkable customer experiences. From their handcrafted, Made-in-Maine, Bean Boots to their 24/7/365-day-open flagship store, L.L.Bean has built a sustainable business by offering high-quality […]

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