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How to Keep Your Surveys Out of the Spam Folder

You’ve put a lot of work into writing your survey questions, choosing your Target Audience and getting your survey ready for distribution. After you hit the send button, all your respondents need to do is open the email and take your survey – that is, if you don’t get screened out by an email filter.

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Profiling Survey Questions: A Template You Can Use Right Away

A profiling survey is used to collect key demographic information about newly recruited panel members (e.g. gender, age, occupation, etc.). These surveys are used to improve your panel members’ experience by adding the collected information to their profiles so you don’t annoy them by asking the same demographic questions every time you send them a survey.

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10 Tips for Building Effective Surveys

In case you don’t have hours to devote to becoming a guru, here are ten best practices to consider when building and distributing your survey using Qualtrics.

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Ranking questions are an important asset in the survey designers’ toolbox, but they can be tricky to use effectively.

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The order in which you ask questions can make a huge difference in your data. If you’re not careful, you can inadvertently anchor your respondents and bias your data. And no one wants that.

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4 Key Steps to Recruiting Your Own Research Panel

With access to your own research panel you can do more research, gain faster insights, increase response rates, and build rich respondent profiles. But before you can benefit from your own panel, you have to build it.

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