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Qualtrics Response to COVID-19

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the circumstances surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19). To ensure the health and safety of our teams as well as the communities in which we work and live, Qualtrics instituted a global policy that employees in all offices will be working from home. We also want to assure our customers that Qualtrics maintains a robust business continuity plan to ensure that we deliver uninterrupted service and an exceptional experience to our customers and partners during this time.

Business operations

Delivering exceptional customer service and keeping our operations running without disruption are critical to us. In response to COVID-19, we have enacted our business continuity plans to ensure all Qualtrics functions and technology continue to operate as usual. Our plan ensures that all business critical functions of the organization continue without delay. Data integrity and availability, along with support functions, enable Qualtrics to serve our customers and maintain a trusting relationship even in times of public health threats.

As the situation continues to evolve, we will post updates to our website and send email notifications as appropriate. The status of our systems is always available in real-time at

Health and safety of our employees

Qualtrics is working regularly with local, state, national, and international health officials. We have restricted work-related travel and, as noted, instituted a global work from home policy across all offices. We will continue to support remote work with best-in-class technologies to ensure we deliver uninterrupted service and an exceptional experience to our customers, partners, and employees.

We are grateful for the amazing relationships we have with all of our customers, partners, and employees and look forward to supporting each other during this unique and challenging time.

Zig Serafin - CEO // CEO, Qualtrics

Zig Serafin is the Chief Executive Officer of Qualtrics. Zig joined Qualtrics as Chief Operating Officer in 2016 and was instrumental in the development and launch of the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform. Zig has led the rapid growth of Qualtrics to over 13,000 customers and was a leader in SAP’s 2019 acquisition of Qualtrics for $8B, the largest private enterprise software acquisition ever at the time.

Zig was previously Corporate Vice President at Microsoft and led its multi-billion dollar enterprise collaboration services business that became Microsoft Teams.

In his 17-year career at Microsoft, Zig served as Corporate Vice President of program management and design for Microsoft’s services in anticipatory computing, speech/audio/vision processing, location/language understanding, and geospatial data, leading the teams that developed Microsoft’s artificial intelligence platform, Cortana. Prior to that, Zig was President and General Manager of Microsoft’s Tellme Networks.

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