Wow. X4 was just an incredible event. I am still pumped two weeks later!

No other event brings together such a diverse, intelligent, innovative, and effective group of CX practitioners, thought leaders, and customer-centric brands. X4 raised the bar when it comes to what organizations can and should do to deliver exceptional customer experiences that also drive business impact.

There were so many incredible parts of X4, but I want to share some of my favorites in hopes that these takeaways and learnings will inspire you to implement change and create world-class customer experiences within your own workforces.

Lin-Manuel Miranda & and the importance of empathy and research

lin manuel miranda at x4 with ryan smith

One of the most innovative, celebrated creators in his industry, Lin-Manuel did not disappoint during his X4 keynote. Known for his wildly successful Broadway musical “Hamilton,” as well as countless other projects including the Oscar-nominated song “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie Moana, Lin-Manuel shared his own philosophies on creativity and delivering impactful experiences.

As he talked through his creative process, one area really stood out to me. He said that our “biggest tools in the toolbox as a creator are research and empathy.” As I think about “creating” world-class customer experiences, it is critical that we understand our customers in-depth at every stage of their journey, and that we use those insights to deliver experiences that resonate with who they are and what they care about most.

The CX Mainstage Product Innovations

In addition to all the insights I gleaned from our headlining keynote speakers, I had the chance to be a part of our Customer Experience team’s mainstage session where we shared our vision to deliver a customer experience platform that engages customers in a more personal way, unlocks insights with powerful intelligence capabilities, and enables every person in your organization to impact customer experience, wherever they are and whatever their role. We also shared some exciting product announcements that deliver on that vision. We gave you a preview to the future of collecting feedback, such as our conversational APIs and mobile in-app technology, that will improve response rates and the quality of data collected. We showed you closed-loop ticketing, our integrations with other workflow platforms, and how we are expanding upon our mobile ticketing app to deliver a fully immersive mobile experience with the Qualtrics XM for Mobile application, which will make it super easy to understand and take action on the most important elements of your customer experience.

But perhaps our most exciting announcements were the enhancements and new additions to the Qualtrics iQ Suite, which are a collection of advanced, intelligent features and machine learning capabilities to help CX leaders automatically unlock deep customer insights that drive the most impact. As part of the iQ innovations, we’ll be rolling out Predict iQ, which combines your historical operational data with your customer experience data and makes predictions about the future of your customers, such as potential churn. And let me say this — PredictiQ isn’t just marketing vaporware. Predict iQ’s artificial intelligence engine actually delivers instantaneous, statistically proven models built directly into the platform. Just imagine having the ability to predict churn, cross-sell, up-sell or any other metric for customer base!

Finally, we introduced you to Certified XM Solutions, pre-packaged projects and programs featuring expert content, workflow, and automation, built directly into the Customer Experience platform. These Certified XM Solutions, designed for your industry, will make it even easier to access expertise, prioritize the journeys, channels, and metrics that matter most, and launch customer experience programs quickly and confidently.

I’m so excited to see how Qualtrics iQ will transform CX programs around the globe from reactive “diagnostic” efforts, to predictive, action-oriented programs that drive impactful change.

The CX Breakouts

In addition to keynotes from Lin Manuel Miranda, Arianna Huffington, Magic Johnson and many more, we hosted some of the world’s best customer experience brands in our breakout sessions. American Express showed us how to build effective VoC programs that meet business needs and can evolve over time, as the business evolves. GEICO shared how the most powerful experience programs integrate both customer and employee elements. Volkswagen Europe shared how they combined power customer and employee insights to improve the performance of their dealerships. So many great sessions from the likes of Bain, Temkin Group, Kantar TNS, Walker and more!

For those of you who wanted some of the great content you saw at X4, you can click here to download selected breakout content so you can begin transforming the customer experience in your organization.

I am truly excited to be a part of the customer experience movement. As organizations begin to measure, act, iterate, and innovate on their customer experiences, I believe we’ll see businesses innovate and differentiate like never before. I plan to be right on the front lines of that change.

In the meantime, if there’s anything else we can do to support your mission, don’t hesitate to reach out. Drop us an email at or stop by the website.

Thanks again for joining us at X4 – I can’t wait to come back for X4 2019 to see the progress everyone’s made – you can register for X4 2019 today. I hope to see you there!