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Striving for Inclusive Leadership & Belonging:
Our semiannual DEI report

Today we are sharing our semiannual Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) report as part of our commitment to communicating our progress and opportunity areas with transparency.

In the past two years since I stepped into the role as Head of DEI at Qualtrics, much has changed. Companies have seen how the pandemic and the Great Resignation threaten to undo a lot of the initial progress in this space.

In these times, we recognize that:

  • The call for racial justice has become more important
  • The need for Inclusive Leadership to attract and retain diverse and high-performing talent has become even more urgent
  • DEI is not something we can do alone—it needs to be embedded into the entire employee experience

The report we are publishing shares the progress that we have made. While the results of some of the actions we’ve taken are encouraging—there is so much more left to be done.


When it comes to diversity, we realize that it’s going to be a multi-year journey. We need to be bold and declarative with where we want to be. In our semiannual report, we share our progress toward our 5-year diversity goals.


We continue to have a focus on not just equity, but equality, and have widened our pay equity audits to include not only gender (global) but also race (US).

Inclusion & Belonging

We have expanded our employee resource groups (internally known as Q Groups), intensified our focus on building inclusion programs, and are now incorporating learning opportunities to widen the focus on unconscious bias and anti-racism by creating an Inclusive Leadership curriculum. Also this year, we have aligned ourselves with globally accepted best practices so we can chart our way forward.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are imperative to the long term business success of our organization. By harnessing our differences we are able to understand the unique experiences of our customers, build better products and also create a culture where people can do their best work.

Zig Serafin, CEO, Qualtrics

What’s inside the report

Inside the report you’ll find full breakdowns of the progress we’ve made in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, and more. In particular, we share our improvements in representation for women and underrepresented minorities—across the company, and at various levels of leadership. Additionally, you can read inspiring personal stories from members of our Q Groups, and get a closer look at how we are leveraging our own DEI product solution.

The report’s contents are a testament to all the employees that have taken on this work; including our leaders, managers and employee resource groups (Q Groups). I am humbled and grateful to you for your responsibility, care and ownership in making our company a better place to work for all.

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