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Listening, understanding, and taking action for change

Today we’re publishing our DEI report, as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency.

Qualtrics DEI bi-annual report - Q2 2021

For more than a year, we all faced incredible challenges. Our employees around the world are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19. In parallel, we also faced historic injustices, violence and racism towards the Asian and Black communities. It's been a hard year. Continuous improvement was tough in a new environment, and maintaining previous improvement was challenging. But in the face of adversity, many have taken this time to reflect, raise up, and be a force for good.

As a company, we are committed to driving lasting change. We believe that representation matters and we want to create a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the societies we operate in – an environment of inclusion and belonging for all.

We believe in doing our part to remove systematic barriers to true inclusion and that in order to do so, we need to be actively anti-racist, not just in our words but in our actions.

In this report, we provide an update on where we are in our journey. Candidly, we are at the beginning of a long journey ahead and are determined to rise to the occasion. We are grateful to every employee who has put in the work to make us a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company. As we think about the road ahead and our ambitions, we know that as One Team we will do everything we can to create a company that has representation that matches the world around us and inclusion that exceeds it.

As you read our DEI report, here are the five key things we learned this year:

  1. DEI as a company priority: DEI is as important a priority as revenue, acquisition, and any other company health metric because DEI impacts all company aspects. To be successful, DEI needs to be elevated beyond the office’s DEI leader. Our efforts are more than just goodwill, it is important to the health of our business. We have set some big goals for increasing the representation of underrepresented groups - this is a shared responsibility across all our employees.
  2. Measurable inclusion: Building solutions and measuring intersectional inclusion across our company is essential to ensure that we deliver a culture that works for all.
  3. Systematic approach to racial equity: It’s the only way to make lasting change.
  4. Embedding DEI across the entire employee experience: From recruitment, learning, and development, to pay and promotion, this is our plan to make sustainable progress.
  5. Employee wellbeing: This is critical to help our employees thrive and also recover from the ongoing impact of the health, economic, and socio-economic challenges of the past year.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about our ongoing journey.

Going forward, we will share our data twice a year.

Qualtrics DEI bi-annual report - Q2 2021

Farren Roper // Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Qualtrics

Farren is the Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Qualtrics. He works to level the playing field for all Qualtrics employees globally to allow everyone’s unique brilliance to shine. He believes that when we all play, we all win. Prior to his career in DEI he worked as an attorney, marketer, and serial entrepreneur. He is a Ted Talk speaker and originally from South Africa.

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