Join us for Ember: A Summit to Ignite Careers & Collaboration for Women! This inaugural summit will gather over 100 women and men who are passionate about igniting the careers of women and supporting them as leaders in business. The summit will equip women attendees with the skills and tools they need to advance their careers, provide an opportunity to connect with other people, and help to build long-term relationships with mentors, advisors and peers.

Ember is a partnership event with Braid and our Qualtrics Women Leadership Development group. Women’s Leadership Development aims to develop and retain women at Qualtrics, to recruit talented women to join Qualtrics, and to continue to create a company culture that is supportive and aware so that diverse teams can thrive. The idea behind the name Braid is that one strand by itself can easily bend or break, but when you weave those threads together, they add strength to each other. We hope to see women connecting and adding strength to each other as a result of our skills workshops and networking events.

We hope you can join us! RSVP

Tracy Wellens, Qualtrics Experience Research Leader

Rachel Hofstetter, Chatbooks CMO
The Power of Storytelling in Business

Peter Chun, Lucidchart VP of Sales
How to Be a Part of, Build, and Lead an Effective Team

Lisa Barragan, Imagine Learning Director of Field Enablement & Professional Services
How to be a Strong Leader, No Matter What Your Role

Kaylene Hutchens, Vivint Corporate Trainer
How to Set Professional Goals & Achieve Them

Following the talks will be a Q & A panel where the audience will get a chance to ask some questions of the speaker as well.

Lunch is provided and ticket registration is free. RSVP: We’d love to have you join us!

Can’t join in person? We’ll be broadcasting live. Like the QualtricsLife Facebook page to be notified when we start streaming.