During my week at X4 Summit, I could not help but be full of excitement for the future of Experience Management. As the Chief Experience Officer at Qualtrics, it’s exciting to see so much innovation in the critical area of employee experience. There were several key themes I noticed in the conversations at X4 that stood out to me.

As I think about everything I heard and all the people I met, it’s hard to condense it into a few highlights – but I’ve tried! If I left any out, don’t worry, you can download all the Employee Experience content here.

Employee well-being is everything

Arianna huffington julie larson green x4

I’ve worked with Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post and CEO of Thrive Global, over the years and I’ve always been impressed with her philosophy that when we’re happy and thriving as individuals our work and our businesses thrive. Happy employees design great products and serve happy customers. Organizations are starting to see the impact of well being on the bottom line and the drive to put employee well-being at the heart of the organization’s strategy is only going to gather pace from here.

Technology is the enabler

I had a chance to be part of our Employee Experience team’s mainstage demo where we introduced some of the product innovations helping to enable that shift towards a well-being culture.

Text iQ is now part of the Employee Experience Platform and Predict iQ is on the way, so you can now make predictions about your workforce that allow you to react in real-time and optimize everything from attrition to productivity before it starts affecting the bottom line. Plus, we’re introducing new, automated lifecycle projects that allow organizations to understand their employees better than ever before.

We’re helping this revolution gather pace too with Certified XM Solutions. Now, it’s quicker and easier to get an employee experience program off the ground, with expert content, automation, and pre-built workflows straight out of the box.

Diversity is the foundation of company culture

ryan smith, womens day x4

On March 8, I celebrated International Women’s Day by participating a panel discussion with Ryan Smith and Kim Scott on what it takes to build cultures and companies that value employees from all backgrounds.

Successful companies listen to everyone, they celebrate diversity of thought and they thrive on having an open dialogue with staff from all backgrounds. HR is the enabler and now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to grasp this and embed it throughout our organizations.

The momentum is building

It’s great to get up and show you what we’re doing but the one thing I love hearing about more is how our customers are putting this all into practice. We heard from so many in our Employee Experience breakouts, and it really gave me confidence that this movement has momentum.

Coca-Cola showed they’re moving past the traditional performance reviews while Wal-Mart, Caterpillar and the NBA all shared best practices for building a feedback culture that covers multiple touchpoints. Meanwhile, Jacob Morgan’s insights into 252 iconic employers showed how they’re putting these strategies into place to win the war for talent.

They were just a few of the breakout sessions – to see it all, you can download all the EX content.

Seeing these brands and hearing what’s in store in the Employee Experience platform for the next 12 months, I’ve never been so excited to be on the front lines of this change. I can’t wait to come back for X4 2019 to see the progress everyone’s made – you can register for X4 2019 today, I hope to see you there!