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20 inspiring Experience Management (XM) Visionaries’ quotes for 2020

As part of our XM Visionaries series, we’re taking a look at some of the most inspiring quotes from leaders working in XM.

When it comes to meeting the wants and needs of customers and employees, there’s an astounding disparity between how well companies think they perform and how well they actually do. These XM (experience management) leaders are bridging the gap and turning employees into ambassadors and customers into fanatics.

1. “As consumers, we expect seamless experiences. These experiences are often easy and instantaneous. There’s no longer a distinction between channels. It’s all one seamless, cohesive journey.”
- Danielle Lumetta, Retail Consulting Manager at Accenture

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2. “The customer experience is where we’re going to excel. It’s an area where, if you spend wisely, the benefits you reap go up exponentially.”
- Walter Li, Head of Insights at Cathay Pacific

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3. “Customer feedback is cheap. Actionable insight can be valuable. Taking action on insight is precious.”
- Bruce Temkin, Head of the XM Institute at Qualtrics

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4. “When you design a service that’s so appropriate for a particular person and it’s exactly what they need at this moment in time, you can’t help but turn it into a memorable event.”
- Joe Pine, bestselling CX author of The Experience Economy

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5. “It’s great to be able to surprise and delight your audience, but that doesn’t necessarily add up to greater loyalty. Get the fundamentals right first – that will stop discouraging disloyalty.”
- Matt Dixon, bestselling author of the Effortless Experience

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6. “HR is not just about compliance; it’s about shaping an experience for people.”
- Karalyn Smith, Chief People Officer at Sephora

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7. “I think a key underrated leadership quality is curiosity. We should unceasingly seek to understand what people are thinking, hungering to unpack their decision-making process… and here’s the fun thing: People are generally open to talk, and they want to share what they’re passionate about, or why they think something’s worth waiting in line.”
- Emily Chang, SVP of Marketing at Starbucks

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8. “Companies that deliver good customer service don’t outsource it”
- Marguerite Brennan, Director of Customer Operations Support at Irish telecoms giant, eir

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9. “People are increasingly important in our digital information economy. Any company can be the next Google or Apple with the right people, culture, and set of HR practices in place. If you get people right, you’re going to have the best innovation, best technology, and best products.”
- Geoff Ho, PhD, Director of Organization Development at Rogers Communications

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10. “Empower employees with the freedom to do what’s right for the customer.”
- Luis Angel-Lalanne, VP of Customer Listening at American Express

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11. “Just from changing the conversation from ‘I think this is what is wrong’ to ‘I know this is what’s wrong with the experience’ we were able to start having real conversations about what to do. That distinction gave us some quick wins early on that we could share.”
- John Goodwin, Vice President of Customer Intelligence at Mastercard

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12. “There is no greater benefit you can give to your working families and to the rest of the organization than on-site child care. Period.”
- Dean Carter, CHRO at Patagonia

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13. “If we don’t provide a great experience for our internal employees, there’s no way we can expect them to provide a great experience for their external customers.”
- Anahita Reilly, Chief Customer Officer of U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

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14. “My advice to newcomers in the Employee Experience world? Be curious and don’t be scared of data”
- Laura Farrelly, Head of Culture & Engagement at Barclays

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15. “People who succeed in HR today are curious about the business and can directly connect the work they’re doing to business goals.”
- Samantha Hammock, Chief Learning Officer at American Express

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16. “Technology is being copied faster and faster, so the differentiating factor in B2B becomes customer experience.”
- Elly Domene, Chief of Staff and Global Customer Experience at SES

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17. “Good-quality data, collected in the right way, is at the core of CX.”
- Richard Waring, Head of Group Insight, Market Research & Customer Experience at Bank of Ireland

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18. “Find those data-inspired leaders that will partner deeply with you so you can measure the end-to-end impact”
- Rachel Richter, VP of Customer Insights at Dun and Bradstreet

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19. “The challenges that consumers, care providers and employers face in healthcare today are actually opportunities to improve and differentiate.”
- Tami Reller, CXO & CMO at UnitedHealthcare

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20. “A great starting point is our employee survey from Qualtrics. It’s a great place to get a baseline of information to understand where our employees are compared to the year prior. For example, in 2017, we saw that people wanted more access to our CEO [Jonah Peretti]. So he launched a Slack channel called ‘AJA’ or ‘Ask Jonah Anything’.”
- Lenke Taylor, Chief People Officer at BuzzFeed

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