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Introducing the new way to turn Facebook Messenger chats into breakthrough customer insights

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular ways to talk to brands with 67% of consumers saying they intend to use it to interact with companies they buy from. Now, you can turn those conversations into breakthrough insights with the new, improved integration with the Experience Management Platform™

Closing the loop is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? A customer responds to a survey to tell you they’re unhappy, opening the door for you to step in, step up and make a rescue bid to keep them.

But how many customers will actually open the door to give you the opportunity to be a hero?

If your only mechanism to gather feedback is a customer survey, even with an above-average response rate, it’s still likely to be less than 10% of your total customer base. It leaves a silent majority on the sidelines with no way of opening the door and having their voice heard.

It’s time to go beyond surveys and meet customers where they are, on the channels they prefer to use.

Introducing the Qualtrics + Facebook Messenger integration

We know people want to interact with brands in the moment, as an experience is happening — not wait for a survey after the fact.

One key channel where they do that is Facebook. In 2018, 5 billion posts were left on brands’ Facebook pages — now that’s a lot of X-data!

The platform has become a key customer service channel for many brands, like SnapTravel, which runs its entire business via Facebook Messenger.

It adds yet another channel for customer care teams to monitor, and until now has been largely disconnected from the rest of the organization.

That’s why we’re launching an updated integration to help you pull X-data gathered through your Facebook Messenger integration into your customer experience program.

With the new update, you can now launch customer feedback requests automatically within Facebook Messenger once a chat ends, gathering in-the-moment feedback from your customers.

It means customers' insights can be easily pulled in alongside other feedback channels, whether digital or offline, to give you a holistic view of your customers’ experiences and provide a voice to the many millions of customers who choose to interact with brands on Facebook.

Personalized experiences on customers’ preferred platform

Connecting Qualtrics and Facebook Messenger is more than just giving you richer insights into the omnichannel experience — it also opens up the potential for smarter, more personalized experiences with customers.

Without a connection between Messenger and your core CX database, customer agents are essentially flying blind, unable to tap into the rich customer insights from XM Directory.

With the Qualtrics + Facebook Messenger integration, your customer care agents have all the information they need, so they can personalize the chat based on that customer’s previous interactions with the company.

And if you’re employing AI and automation, it opens the door to a more human approach, where AI is able to draw on rich customer insights to deliver better customer care experiences.

See the Qualtrics + Facebook Messenger Integration in Action