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Customer Experience

Drive positive CX and brand perception by harnessing unsolicited feedback

Introducing our native integrations with Google and Facebook reviews, which will enable businesses to power their VoC programs with insights from the channels their customers are using.

Your social media and online review channels can provide a wealth of insights to fuel your voice of the customer (VoC) program. The ability to pull this unsolicited feedback into your customer experience (CX) platform and compare it to other business data, such as VoC feedback and operational KPIs, provides a more comprehensive and realistic view of customer sentiment than with traditional methods alone.

Often much of this feedback is open text, making it difficult to analyze without the right technology. And that’s assuming you can gain access to it – these channels are typically managed by a different business unit with different needs for analyzing the data, leaving valuable insights about your customers’ experiences siloed from the people with the greatest potential to make an impact with it.

Until now.

See the big picture with our Google and Facebook reviews integrations

Google reviews and Facebook reviews are the first of many native social integrations we’re rolling out to give businesses a holistic picture of their customers across every channel.

Now brand managers, insights professionals, and frontline managers can respond directly to Facebook reviews and Google reviews within Qualtrics and aggregate insights with customer feedback.

  • Receive real-time alerts in Qualtrics about location-level Google and Facebook reviews as they are posted, and easily understand if keyword frequencies, volumes, or sentiment demand action.
  • Close the loop on all your Google and Facebook reviews by replying directly from your Qualtrics dashboard.
  • Apply Text iQ to surface key insights as well as action plans and automated workflows to create a culture of action.
  • Focus on boosting reviews and ratings in one specific location or across all locations.

Spread the good word with Google Connect

Our Google integration goes even further with Google Connect – a native integration with Google reviews that facilitates the publication of feedback for a more accurate picture of the customer experience.

Considering Google accounts for nearly 60% of all online reviews for businesses with physical locations,[1] this is a must-have enhancement for our customers with brick-and-mortar outposts.

  • Amplify customer feedback by embedding Google reviews directly into the feedback process.
  • Make it easy for respondents to provide reviews by auto-populating review scores and comments and publishing them live with one click.
  • Build robust ratings on key third-party sites to increase location foot traffic, decrease costs for new customer acquisitions, and boost SEO rankings.

Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson is a Product XM Scientist focused on addressing challenges for businesses that deliver in-person experiences, be they retailers, grocers, banks, hotels, or destinations of any kind. She’s worked 29 of the Top 100 NRF Retailers. She has over ten years of experience in CX and advising on how best to design, implement, and manage end-to-end omnichannel listening programs.

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