X4 was an incredible moment this year. It is always amazing to see thousands of insight seekers and experience managers get together, and the event didn’t disappoint. But this year X4 was also a pivotal moment for research at Qualtrics, because — simply, beautifully — three amazing things came together.

#1 Time to Insight Needs to Get Faster

Qualtrics serves the best companies in the world. It was amazing to see so many of them together in the same place to showcase the power of the Experience Management platform. To highlight just a few X4 contributors:

Citi’s Chief Product Officer, Carey Kolaja, shared how her bank is building products for a world untethered from traditional forms like transaction cards and even smartphones. Her teams are already pushing to gather experience data in the form of product feedback from testers immediately, cutting the feedback loop from weeks to hours.

Google’s Mario Callegaro showed how moving research in-house allows companies to stay closer to their own questions, better link proprietary operational data, and make faster decisions. According to Mario’s boss: “Understanding our customer perceptions allows us to experiment, improve and refine all aspects of their experience.”

New Balance’s Charles Wilson stressed that product feedback is not a discrete event. If you take your cues only from an initial like, you’ll miss the more important stories, like: “Are we delivering value to the consumer?” and “What can I learn for next time?” Getting to know the customer over time is more important than snapshot insights.

I am amazed and I am humbled by the different ways our customers are finding insights with Qualtrics. And I’m thrilled to announce the new ways the Qualtrics product is helping them.

#2 Predictive Products

X4 is all about customers and what they can do with Qualtrics, which is why my personal highlight came when we took the stage to announce all the ways we’re strengthening the product and building the research platform of the future. That means more than just distributing surveys and exporting results. Whether you’re designing products, measuring customer sentiment, or testing a hypothesis for a PhD, with Qualtrics you can do things that simply weren’t possible before.

At X4 we announced some amazing new products that allow you to uncover insights in brand new ways.

Qualtrics makes it possible to engage in a conversation with anybody, no matter their channel. And Qualtrics Conversational APIs allow you to link the Experience Management platform into any open platform, from Amazon Alexa and Google Home to Slack and Facebook Messenger.

And no matter which system your feedback comes from, the new Qualtrics iQ Directory lets you to track individual customer interactions in one place, and, even better, isolate important groups for further analysis, follow-up, or even marketing. No more hacking together data from disparate systems — now it’s all in one place, right in Qualtrics.

And iQ, our predictive intelligence engine, keeps setting the standard for analysis. New Text iQ functionality and a brand new UI gives you the answers to your two core questions: How am I performing on the topics I know about? What’s lurking out there that I didn’t even think to look for? We also announced upgraded Stats iQ with cluster analysis that quickly, painlessly, discovers the most relevant respondent groupings in your data, all without exporting.

And finally, we debuted conjoint analysis as the first of many Qualtrics Certified XM Solutions, technology-supported action plans and workflows. With the new conjoint analysis, you can build, launch, and analyze a product feature or pricing analysis in four easy steps, even sourcing panel respondents right within the platform.

Each of these products and enhancements will be available right in the Qualtrics platform within the next few months.

#3 The Experience Management Platform

When Qualtrics announced the Experience Management Platform in 2017, we knew that some of our clients were using Qualtrics to do more. And in the past year we’ve started seeing how many.

While we got to see and hear from dozens of clients at X4, one story stuck with me: It was a customer video our team made with Chobani. The company is growing by leaps and bounds in large part because of how well they use experience data to inform their product development, track brand awareness, and segment essential customers. And at the center of it all — a dedicated experience manager using Qualtrics to manage the company’s most essential experiences. Watch the Chobani experience management story here.

In the meantime, if there’s anything else we can do to support your mission, don’t hesitate to reach out. Drop us an email at sales@qualtrics.com or stop by the website.

Thanks again for joining us at X4 – I can’t wait to come back for X4 2019 to see the progress everyone’s made – you can register for X4 2019 today. I hope to see you there!