Instagram has ridden the modern fear of missing out (FOMO) higher than any other service. But it’s not just the fear of missing your friend’s moody cloud picture. It’s also the fear of missing out on the shareable moments from your own day.

In Nir Eyal’s ‘Hook Model’ outlined in Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, this fear trips an internal trigger that pushes you, me, and your moody cloud friend back to Instagram several times each day. Instagram’s success is built on a generation of users whose product experience is tethered to the need-to-see and need-to-share triggers.

Triggers are everywhere, and if your product plan doesn’t include them, it should.

Hooked at Qualtrics Master Sessions

I spent a day with Nir last week in New York, and after I listened to him record his session, I started seeing triggers everywhere. From the obvious ones on my smartphone to my everyday interactions.

It’s not just digital products that rely on triggers to drive use and loyalty. Coca Cola knows how to do it with vending machines, e-commerce upstart Huckberry does it with gorgeous enewsletters, and American Express does it with celebrity advertising.

We’re excited to kick off Qualtrics Master Sessions today with Nir’s Hooked Model. And there’s a new free product session every week through the end of the year.