According to the Huffington Post, being able to simply relax provides MANY health benefits. These include building your immune system, boosting your memory, easing the symptoms of depression, making better decisions, keeping you slim, easing acne and slowing breast cancer. So we decided to ask our own employees how they relax. Here are some helpful tips, tricks, and advice that can maybe help you to relax and be healthy!

 Some of the most popular responses:

  • Unplug
  • Meditate
  • Go out for a swim… go to nature, mountains, beach, hike, camp…
  • Spa / Massage
  • Golf
  • Exercise, run, cycle, swim to the extreme and then do nothing!
  • Do nothing
  • Read
  • Be present
  • Netflix and a scotch/bourbon/beer/wine

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 Some unique responses…

  • Hygge – it is a Danish concept that loosely translates to coziness, happiness, or comfort. My version of hygge is lighting candles, drinking tea, and reading a book.
  • Step 1: get a dog, Step 2: let your dog get in your bed (completely under the covers), Step 3: cuddle your way to complete relaxation.
  • Solo walk through your neighborhood with your favorite podcast playing.
  • Listen to Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap, create something (anything!), take a few deep breaths, and if all else fails there is always The Tonight Dough from Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Get a babysitter.
  • Sensory deprivation tank.

Wake up super early, hike out to a vantage point, catch the sunrise — from there on anything you do is just extra 🙂

Our Interns had some great insight into how they added relaxation to their internship experience at Qualtrics in 10 perks of being an intern at Qualtrics.

Some of our favorites…

 “Stay in the moment — “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha.”

“Practice gratitude. I do this through meditation/yoga, but there a ton of ways to do this. All of us have a lot to be grateful for, but it can be easy to take these types of things for granted. I’ve found that intentionally practicing gratitude helps a ton to create a peaceful headspace. 2) Exercise in some way. Exercise does both a body and mind good; the level of exertion can vary across each person/level of fitness, but I’ve found that good exercise => thorough relaxation post-exercise 3) Eat well. Nothing like a good, healthy meal to help ease your mind.”

“Live in the moment. Worry comes from what WILL happen and being upset comes from something that has ALREADY passed. Relaxation is only found in the present.”

 “Write down everything that is bothering you/you need to do. Once you have written it down, you can clear your working memory and be in the moment. A quick 1-2 minute journaling/listing sesh in the morning does wonders.”

Last but not least… One employee submitted the following:
“Don’t treat everyone’s advice as something that can help *everyone* relax! Everyone relaxes in different ways and it’s important to let yourself find the best ways *you* can relax, so do your best not to worry if someone’s advice doesn’t work!”

“Do what makes you comfortable! As the late, great Chubbs Peterson once said: “you’ve got to find your happy place.”