Have you ever been shopping in a store and gotten the impression that the people there didn’t really care about your business? Maybe you walked around the same aisle a few times, hoping that you’d get a salesperson’s attention, but they all seemed preoccupied with other customers or tasks. Did you leave the store totally frustrated?


That store didn’t just lose your business; it lost an opportunity to learn anything from you—for example, why you came in, or how your experience could’ve been better.


Online shoppers can also become frustrated by perceived indifference, and like offline shoppers, they leave quickly and quietly. That’s why giving customers opportunities to provide feedback and ask for assistance at key touch points is absolutely critical to creating and maintaining an exceptional digital customer experience.


Join us on Wednesday, October 28 to see how Qualtrics Site Intercept can empower you to collect targeted customer feedback on your website—feedback that you can analyze and act on immediately to improve conversion, retention and loyalty.


In our free webinar, “How to Measure & Optimize the Digital Customer Experience” you’ll learn:


  • The seven levels that comprise a comprehensive Customer Experience analysis framework
  • How Site Intercept can facilitate behaviorally and contextually triggered data collection within that framework
  • How the framework helps dictate improvement priorities for your site to drive greater customer conversion, retention and loyalty


[Webinar] How to Measure & Optimize Your Digital Customer Experience

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