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New at X4: See the Employee Experience innovations from X4 2019

X4 2019 saw HR professionals from around the world gather to hear from the brands creating breakthroughs in Experience Management including Patagonia, Sephora, Zillow Group, Riot Games and Coca-Cola. It was also a chance to showcase some of the latest innovations on the Employee Experience Platform designed to help you get to breakthrough insights and transform your culture.

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Here’s a look at some of the updates unveiled at X4 Summit 2019

Employee Experience for mobile

Modern Employee Experience programs need to give everyone in the organization access to insights, wherever they are. So to empower your people managers, we’ve launched Employee Experience for mobile — the first fully-featured mobile solution for employee insights and actions, now in the hands of every leader in the organization.

With smart alerts, your HR leaders know immediately when there’s an issue that needs attention in their teams’ feedback. When you log in, you’re taken straight to the feed, which uses machine learning and business rules to highlight insights that matter most to you. It means you see a prioritized list of insights and actions so you can focus on the improvements that matter most.

And with the complete Qualtrics iQ suite built in, all they need to do is tap to dig into their results and apply powerful statistical analysis to identify the actions they need to take next.

See Employee Experience for mobile in action

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Focus Areas powered by iQ

In the past, organizations have struggled to act on feedback because managers haven’t been equipped with the knowledge or technology to know what they need to do next.

We’re changing that with the launch of Focus Areas, powered by iQ. It provides your managers with a step-by-step guide to the actions they need to take to improve the experience.

Available in your Employee Experience dashboards, it automatically highlights key areas for improvement based on your latest EX data, and presents your managers with everything from self-reflection items, to key resources and recommended actions to take to improve scores for that item.

It means all your managers now have the tools to go from insights to actions - all they need to do is log in and all the hard work is done for them!

See Focus Areas in action

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Digital listening tools

We’re making it easier than ever to get closer to your frontline employees, with digital listening tools that help you to gather employee feedback at moments that matter most to them, on the devices and channels they use in their day-to-day work.

For example, you can easily set up website intercepts to ask for feedback on your intranet at key moments in the employee journey, eg. after 30 day onboarding.

Or, you can embed feedback directly into tools like your employee mobile app, meaning you’re always connected to your frontline staff and can get feedback in the moment, without ever disrupting their day-to-day work.

There’s a whole range of tools available, helping you to listen to employees at every stage in the journey and get a holistic view so you can understand the actions you need to take to have the biggest impact on the Employee Experience.

See how digital listening tools work

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Employer Brand Tracking

Attracting and retaining world-class talent isn’t just about what happens inside the organization - your reputation as an employer brand is key, and there are plenty of factors that can impact it. Take a negative review on a site like Glassdoor - in today’s world, it can be shared with millions of people instantly and tarnish your reputation with potential employees.

Employer Brand Tracking is a tool that automatically monitors employment social sites, analyses the data, and surfaces insights.

Using Text iQ, it shows you what people talk about when they talk about your brand and whether they talk about it in a positive, negative or neutral manner. Plus, you can compare your results to your competitors to help you identify areas to improve in order to stand out in your market and attract the best candidates.

See Employer Brand Tracking in action

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Benefits Optimizer

In a competitive labor market, employee benefits packages are an essential attraction and retention tool. With the right mix of benefits, you can stand out from your competition, helping to get ahead when it comes to attracting the best candidates, and holding on to your best people too.

Now, you can design the perfect benefits package with our new Benefits Optimizer tool. It applies conjoint analysis to identify, based on a range of potential options, which package would be most attractive to different groups within the organization.

As well as helping you to put together the perfect package, it makes it quicker and easier to update and change your benefits packages without the expense of external consultancies.

The tool is really easy to use - just list out the potential benefits you want to test, field your study, and see the results in real-time in our intuitive simulator. It shows you the optimal package, and allows you to create your own packages to compare and see how well they’d perform with your people.

See how the Benefits Optimizer works

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X4 Experience Management Summit 2020 - March 10-13

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Qualtrics is the technology platform that organizations use to collect, manage, and act on experience data, also called X-data™. The Qualtrics XM Platform™ is a system of action, used by teams, departments, and entire organizations to manage the four core experiences of business—customer, product, employee and brand—on one platform.

Over 11,000 enterprises worldwide, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 U.S. business schools, rely on Qualtrics to consistently build products that people love, create more loyal customers, develop a phenomenal employee culture, and build iconic brands.

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