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How to make X-Data your competitive advantage

At X4 2019, we’ve heard from the pioneers making Experience Management (XM) breakthroughs that have seen them race to the top — brands like Under Armour, AMEX, Spotify and Nordstrom to name just a few. These brands have equipped their businesses with the tools they need to turn Experience Data (X-Data) into a competitive advantage. […]

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X4 2019 recap, day one: taking on giants, magic beans & more

As Ryan Smith said in his opening keynote, the X4 Summit’s mission is to break down experience breakthroughs. And who better to kick off our exploration of breakthroughs on X4 Mainstage than a visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist, and adventurer? Sir Richard Branson If you’re going to take on a giant, you have to be palpably better. […]

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What next for Customer Experience? How we’re taking CX to the next level in 2019

Simply having a customer experience management program is no longer a competitive advantage on it’s own – when it comes to competing on experiences, it’s table stakes. In a recent study we conducted with Bain, 97% of executives said that improving customer experience is very important to achieving or maintaining a competitive advantage. 91% said […]

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Putting the taxpayers first: how great customer experience drives us forward

As a part of the government, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has a unique set of customers: taxpayers and other government agencies. GSA helps manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies by supplying products and communications for U.S. government offices, providing transportation and office space to federal employees, and developing government-wide cost-minimizing […]

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Samantha Hammock, Chief Learning Officer at American Express: How to think bigger about leadership

Hear from Samantha Hammock, the Chief Learning Officer at American Express, about how they’re enabling great feedback, prioritizing leadership development for all, preparing for the future of work, and more. Over to Samantha! On how she got into HR and why it’s an exciting career today: People who succeed in HR today are curious about […]

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“Think of yourself as a customer”: What’s driving eir’s customer experience program

Marguerite Brennan is Director of Customer Operations Support at the Irish telecoms giant eir. Over the past few years, Marguerite has spearheaded eir’s CX program and is part of the management team that is leading the company’s insourcing of customer service. As part of our series on CX visionaries, Marguerite explains the role of CX […]

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