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How to Ask Sensitive Survey Questions

Imagine you are responding to a survey and you’re asked about a sensitive topic, such as drug use, sexual behavior, racial attitudes, or your income. You might be reluctant to tell the truth and instead respond with what you think is a “socially acceptable” answer. This tendency is called “social desirability bias,” and if you’re not careful, it can bias your data, too.

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What to Include in an Employee’s Onboarding Experience

Meet Gene. Gene is your new software developer. Before coming to the company, he talked with two HR reps and the hiring manager. On his first day, he’s given 30 minutes of history about the company, fills out some forms, and then sent to a cubicle to write code for the rest of the day. […]

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What the John Lewis re-brand tells us about the future of retail (hint: it’s all about the experience)

Something huge just happened in British retail. John Lewis aired a new TV ad… in September. That’s right, the retail giant that normally reserves its TV advertising to Christmas has an announcement so big they decided to break with years of tradition to tell the British public through a somewhat unique rendition of Queen’s Bohemian […]

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Learn the ‘Hook Model’ at Qualtrics Master Sessions

Instagram has ridden the modern fear of missing out (FOMO) higher than any other service. But it’s not just the fear of missing your friend’s moody cloud picture. It’s also the fear of missing out on the shareable moments from your own day. In Nir Eyal’s ‘Hook Model’ outlined in Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, […]

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10 videos all employee experience professionals should watch

A business’s success begins and end with its employees. As they are the ones who shape customer and therefore brand experience, taking care of employees means taking care of the company. Employees are not only your most important customers but your best recruiters as well. When they tell their friends why they love working at […]

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4 ways CX & EX have more in common than you think

When companies devote more effort to improving the experiences had by customers and employees, the results speak for themselves. 84% of organizations that prioritize CX report an increase in revenue. As EX is the key to employee engagement, companies with high engagement report bringing in 2.5x more revenue than companies with low engagement. The more […]

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