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10 videos all customer experience professionals should watch

Whether you choose to learn from the wisdom of market legends, your own experience (and maybe a few mistakes along the way), requests from customers, or the successes of others, remember that there’s no one key to success in CX. Here’s our selection of the best videos out there where some of the leading innovators […]

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Every Company’s Three Hidden Cyber Security Risks

Twelve years with the FBI and I was ready for anything: espionage, massive cyber attacks, Tom Clancy-esque zero-day exploits. I saw some of that, of course, but more often I discovered and re-discovered it’s the simple things that most often cause catastrophic problems. Simple things that plague every company. Here are the big three lurking […]

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Reducing customer churn for banks and financial institutions

In the banking industry, there’s no shortage of options for customers when choosing where to put their money. Where once you simply chose your local bank – after all, you needed a convenient branch to visit – now, the world is your oyster with online and mobile banking leveling the playing field. With increased competition […]

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How Tesla Drives Top Customer Experiences

It’s no secret that many consumers dread the car-buying process. The drawn-out negotiations, quota-driven salesmen, and high-pressure buying tactics leave consumers weary and disenchanted. In fact, a study by DrivingSales found that 99% of automotive shoppers begin their purchase journey expecting it to be a “hassle.” This is driven by their personal experiences and the […]

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Customer Segmentation to Increase Revenue: Examples from Best Buy, Mercedes Benz, and AMEX

When Michael Dell, founder of Dell computers, was 16, he sold subscriptions for a local newspaper in Houston. He figured out that two demographics bought newspapers more than others: those who just purchased a house and newly married couples. Dell hired his friends to find these people and created personalized letters for these high-value segments. […]

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Is your survey platform ready for GDPR?

Data privacy is in the news, in the crosshairs of regulators, in mainstream consumer conversations, and in no way fading as an important issue for enterprises. Survey software data privacy is part of this story because it contains vast amounts of important information about millions of people. Data privacy is the primary focus of new […]

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