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10 brand and marketing books to read this year

Over the last 50 years, branding has evolved from the ability to differentiate products, to giving companies personalities, to making emotional connections with consumers. Today, companies spend copious amounts of time and thousands of dollars crafting the perfect brand message for the world. Compelling brand messaging is vital to business success and the best marketers […]

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Surveying your employees is NOT like surveying your customers

Ahead of his session at X4 2019, Bill Erickson, founder of Workforce Science Associates reflects on the lessons learned from 40 years of employee research and looks at why surveying employees requires a different approach from surveying customers. Companies have been conducting employee surveys for many decades, mostly with mixed results. In far too many […]

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DIY Incentives – Making Market Research Incentives Faster, Better and Cheaper

Bringing your market research in-house is not just about taking control of your surveys and reporting — there’s also participant recruiting and incentives to start managing yourself. This is especially true when recruiting participants from your own customer base or working with a B2B audience. Incentives are an important recruiting tool, but they are also […]

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Why collecting sensitive survey data is putting your company at risk

There’s a real cost to storing sensitive survey data that never gets used. Have you ever driven through a city at night to see block after block of office building windows lit up because the lights were left on? You can peer inside and see chairs, offices and conference rooms, but no people. Maybe you’ve […]

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How to keep remote employees engaged

Before the Industrial Revolution, it was common for men and women to work from home or have hybrid work-homes such as street-facing shops or workshops. The rise of factories in and the Industrial Revolution drew workers outside of the home and that’s where society camped for about 200 years, until about the 1980s when telecommuting […]

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How Bank of Ireland puts data at the heart of its CX program

Richard Waring and his team lead on insights and market research in Bank of Ireland. Along with the bank’s Customer Experience team, they form part of a newly-formed Chief Marketing Office. And it’s no coincidence the CMO looks after insights, market research and CX at once – for Bank of Ireland, modern, high-quality and timely […]

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