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10 must-read books in employee experience

We’ve all heard of those companies that are just amazing to work at. Or the managers that make such an impact on their teams they inspire them to go above and beyond and deliver incredible results for their company. Often the secrets of their success aren’t exactly secret – there are countless books detailing the […]

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10 best ways to collect software feedback

Customer feedback is invaluable to any organization and as customer expectations grow, companies must excel in the customer experience arena. Salesforce recently reported that 89 percent of business buyers expect companies to understand their business needs and expectations. The only way to know customer expectations is to get feedback and understand what your customers need. […]

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Renaissance brands: Old Spice, Lego and Nintendo’s brand reinventions

Plenty of big brands no longer exist today that, not so long ago, were household names. Think Pan Am, Blockbuster Video and Compaq to name a few. It can happen to the best of them. But, perhaps more interesting, are the household names that teetered on the edge of that list, brands that faced extinction […]

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Are the bots coming for your research job?

Back to the Future II debuted 30 years ago with flying drones, fingerprint scanners, smart glasses, and video phones. Many thought that technology was far-fetched, but here we are in 2018 with phones that order our groceries and glasses that can give us the news. (We’re still waiting on Jaws 19 and that hoverboard.) Perhaps […]

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Linking CX metrics to customer spending

The Unchanged Goal As the age of customer experience management arrives at a period of full bloom, it is impossible to overlook the difficult path that CX practitioners have traveled over the past 20 years, championing a customer-centric view of markets and evangelizing it within the walls of their organizations. Though there have long been […]

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What a world-class retail CX program looks like

Today’s retail brands must keep a constant pulse on their customer base—both in-store and online—with a highly empowered, price-conscious consumer in mind. The growth of eCommerce, proliferation of digital devices making it easier to browse and purchase, and social media influences require retailers to create consistent customer experiences across channels. Decision makers are faced with […]

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