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The CXO’s view: “Technology is being copied faster and faster, so the differentiating factor in B2B becomes customer experience.”

SES is the world’s leading satellite operator, and the only one that operates into two different orbits. We sat down with the company’s Chief of Staff and Global Customer Experience to talk about how it’s taking B2B CX to new heights. Watch the full interview, or check out some of her key takeaways below. On […]

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17 brand tracker sins and how to avoid them

Your brand tracker should be one of your company’s most talked-about assets. When you have a tracker that works, it improves your messaging, your products, your employees and even your customer experience. But if your brand tracker isn’t designed carefully, that asset can become a non-factor, or worse, an unforgivable liability. Here are the scarlet […]

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What a world-class Brand Experience program looks like

Which brands come to mind when you think “world-class”? The New York Yankees? Apple? Patagonia? BMW? There’s no reason why your brand can’t be next up on that list. Marquee brands are built, not born. They’re forged by teams of smart people who have the right tools and support to turn an idea into a […]

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How frequently should you run your brand tracker?

“How frequently should my organization run its brand tracker?” is one of the most common questions when it comes to trackers. Marketing and research teams want to know so they can plan their calendars and workflows. Executives want to know for budgeting. Product teams want to know so they can expect when to get updates […]

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The healthcare industry needs more than just patient satisfaction surveys to deliver on experiences

The healthcare industry has been asking patients how they feel for over a decade. But patient satisfaction surveys only go so far — to really move the needle on the patient experience, it’s time the industry embraced experience management. Healthcare is an experience business. We all are in the business of experience. Healthcare is no […]

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Brand health: how to heal a sick brand

Has your brand lost its way? Has it lost its market share? Has it maybe even lost its soul? For once-mighty brands that are slowly losing their grip, there are often more questions than answers. Has our brand changed, or have our buyers? Is our offering outdated? Is our brand promise not connecting with the […]

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