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3 tips for growing your brand through research

Are you using research and insights to cut through the noise and build a brand that truly stands out? This is the question Steve Lockwood, Head of Insights and Marketing Analytics at Australia’s largest online comparison site Finder, is on a mission to solve. He’s not alone either, with more research analysts coming forward to […]

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How Sentiment Analysis Can Be Used to Improve Customer Experience

Survey results, customer reviews, social media mentions, oh my. It’s a feedback-driven world, and our brands are just living in it. The days of relying on a great product or service to do your branding are behind us, which is why acquiring all types of feedback is important. Quantitative feedback like net promoter scores can […]

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What is Qualitative Research and When Should You Use It?

Launching new products is a notoriously tricky business. Especially a new consumer packaged goods (CPG) food product. The marketplace is crowded with competitors, securing distribution channels is a slog, there are regulatory hurdles to leap, and new foods are expensive to advertise, sample and sell. With all the work to complete and roadblocks to overcome […]

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Create A Survey With These 4 Common Sense Tips

Creating online surveys is as much an art as it is a science. It involves attention to detail in the design and flow of your survey questionnaire. Creating an effective survey that yields actionable insights can be difficult, but with the right how-to advice, it doesn’t have to be. Effective survey design and flow gives […]

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Qualtrics Announces New Downtown Seattle Building Named Qualtrics Tower and Will Create over 1,500 New Jobs in the Region

Opening Summer 2020, Qualtrics Tower will house more than 2,000 Qualtrics employees in Seattle, co-headquarters of the Experience Management leader. Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management category, today announced Qualtrics Tower, the downtown Seattle skyscraper that will be home to the new Qualtrics co-headquarters beginning Summer 2020. In addition […]

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Chobani: Putting market research to work

“Great brands are built by individuals with purpose, vision, and single-mindedness.” This was Chobani’s opening maxim at Qualtrics’ Sydney X4, providing powerful insight into the company’s approach to creating a great brand experience. But what do purpose, vision, and single-mindedness look like in reality? For Chobani it’s simple – make great products your customers love. […]

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