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Employee feedback: how to drive accountability and action

  Employee feedback surveys are like gym memberships   …A simple but accurate analogy. Organizations can collect all the employee feedback they want from their employees but unless they communicate and take action on that feedback, they will not see the results they hope to. It’s as simple as that. In fact, in our experience, […]

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21st Century IDEA Act: Better federal websites are around the corner

If you’ve ever struggled to find information on a federal government website, or felt confused while filling out an endless paper form and wondered, “Why doesn’t someone do something about this nonsense?” then December has been your month for progress in Washington, DC. This week, the President signed into law the 21st Century Integrated Digital […]

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3 trends that will become HR essentials and employee engagement staples in 2019

In late 2017 we looked at the 6 trends that would define the coming year. Since then, we have seen many of our predictions become reality – from CX and EX becoming more closely linked, to the rise of organization-specific solutions for diversity and inclusion. For 2019, we’re looking at the 3 things that will […]

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The business value of customer experience research

There’s a massive gap between the experiences consumers want and what organizations are giving them. According to Bain and Co, 80% of organizations feel like they are providing a great experience, yet only 8% of customers actually agree. Failing to bridge the gap can be costly. In fact, 80%of customers have opted to switch brands […]

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11 times we made dreams come true at X4

Photo by Rhonda Abrams of USA TODAY. Every year at X4, the Qualtrics Dream Team works tirelessly to make our attendees’ dreams come true. It all started in 2014 when one attendee asked for help buying an engagement ring. He was joking, but it actually inspired us to act. Not only did we buy the […]

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9 ways CX can recession-proof your business

Did you know 59% of private sector economists believe the next recession will happen in 2020, shaking up the economy in a major way. Recessions tend to come hand-in-hand with disruption as they cause consumers to change their behavior, shift expectations, and switch to new brands as their finances come under pressure. That change isn’t […]

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