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Employee engagement is so much more than a single metric

How wonderfully simple HR teams’ jobs would be if employee engagement was measured by a single metric. Engagement surveys would take minutes, the reporting would be done the next day and company leaders would easily be able to digest the results. Unfortunately, as any HR professional will know, it’s just not that simple. Looking at […]

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Best practices for decreasing cart abandonment

Cart abandonment – the dreaded phrase nobody wants to hear followed by the words ‘has increased’. It’s one of the biggest pain points in online retail as customers get to the final hurdle, and for whatever reason, fail to convert. According to the Baymard Institute, the average documented rate of cart abandonment was nearly 70 […]

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6 Key stages in product research you need to get right

In the 1990’s credit card giant American Express analyzed their customer base and recognized that many of their customers were business professionals who valued points for airlines and hotel stays. From that research, American Express created a new line of products geared towards this segment. Today, these credit cards are still among American Express’s most […]

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10 ways AI can make human resources more human

At first glance, AI and HR seem to be polar opposites. After all, how could a function that includes the word human in its name use technology that’s artificial? If you dig deeper, though, you see how AI could transform the HR profession into what most HR professionals wish it to be. One that focuses […]

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4 steps to designing a transactional NPS project

In 2008, Starbucks launched “My Starbucks Idea,” a simple way for customers to give input into products and services, improvements, and corporate responsibilities. It was an instant success and Starbucks has received thousands of ideas and implemented many of them. Starbucks is successful in large part for a simple reason: they focus on listening to […]

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How HR can make a difference: Dean Carter, CHRO at Patagonia

This is the first installment of our new blog series, “Employee Experience Visionaries.” In each post, we’ll feature highlights from a conversation with an HR thought leader on company culture, employee engagement, HR’s evolving role, and so much more. We’re thrilled to kick off the series with a conversation with Dean Carter, Patagonia’s Chief HR […]

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