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12 employee benefits and perks that your company should consider

There’s no denying it, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Countless research reports back this up, and as the employee experience continues to evolve, employees expect their employers to deliver individualized services and experiences. Today, things like PTO, healthcare, and retirement benefits have become table stakes. But to attract and retain top talent it’s […]

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How confident is your team in you? Disney Institute and Qualtrics share why values-infused leadership is pivotal to success

As leaders, there are many attributes we must possess in order to be successful—and confidence is certainly one of them. But, something many leaders might not have considered is their own team’s confidence in them. For example, how confident are employees in your leadership ability? And, how might this impact their behavior and ability to […]

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How Cathay Pacific focuses on passenger feedback to soar above the competition

Customer experience is everything in the airline industry. From the routes they fly to the booking process and the on-board experience, every touchpoint with customers is an opportunity for airlines to deliver breakthrough experiences that build their reputation and help them stand out in a fiercely competitive sector. So Cathay Pacific knows it needs to […]

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The power of customer reviews [Infographic]

If the digital age was the rocket fuel for the Experience Economy, then social media is it’s booster engine. A whole new generation has now entered the market having grown up sharing each and every experience in the moment, whether it’s the meal they just ate, a vacation they have taken, or the latest product […]

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A roadmap for closing the diversity & inclusion gap

There is a discord among corporate diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives. Just 1 in 10 D&I programs reach maturity in the workforce. This is despite 87% of organizations stating it as a value or priority area. It’s a sobering stat, and one which is going to take on greater importance as younger generations – millennials […]

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5 NHS patient experience & satisfaction trends for 2019

The patient experience is the sum of all interactions patients have with the NHS – including its staff, facilities and service. In recent years, people have begun to want more patient-centered care, at the exact same time hospitals have faced even tougher budgetary constraints. Those clashing demands means it’s vital that the NHS understands what […]

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