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The Decision Accuracy Calculator: Estimate the Upside of Better Decisions

Browse the pages of any old high school yearbook and you’ll be treated to a parade of poor decisions. Shoulder pads. Oversized jeans. Sweater vests. Fauxhawks. The list could go on but let’s not. Some poor decisions like yearbook fashion shots take time for them to reveal themselves. But when you make poor product and […]

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5 steps to get executive buy in for EX (and CX) programs

If you’re reading this, you no doubt know the value of providing good experiences for the customers and employees of your company alike. You’re likely also aware that while the Venn diagram of what creates a good experience for both employees and customers isn’t completely a circle, there are several common points. From the essential […]

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9 Survey Mistakes That I’ve Made Throughout My Career

All market researchers have made mistakes, and in this next Qualtrics Master Session, we’ve brought in Michael Murakami Ph.D., part of Airbnb’s team of 60 experience management researchers. Airbnb has 4 million homes listed on its site in more than 191 countries. Needless to say, they run a lot of surveys. Murakami shares his top […]

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Good Brand Names Don’t Sound Like Dead Bodies

In the early ‘90s, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos set out to find a brand name for his small bookseller. Wanting to associate the amazing logistics with magic, Bezos opted to name the company Cadabra, in reference to ‘abracadabra’. The name was anything but. Bezos’ first lawyer pointed out that over the phone you could easily […]

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How to Ask Sensitive Survey Questions

Imagine you are responding to a survey and you’re asked about a sensitive topic, such as drug use, sexual behavior, racial attitudes, or your income. You might be reluctant to tell the truth and instead respond with what you think is a “socially acceptable” answer. This tendency is called “social desirability bias,” and if you’re not careful, it can bias your data, too.

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What to Include in an Employee’s Onboarding Experience

Meet Gene. Gene is your new software developer. Before coming to the company, he talked with two HR reps and the hiring manager. On his first day, he’s given 30 minutes of history about the company, fills out some forms, and then sent to a cubicle to write code for the rest of the day. […]

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