You think you’re finally done building your survey when the unthinkable happens: Your professor wants you to add definitions that appear when you hover over words, but you have no idea how to do that! Or you’ve been testing your randomized study for hours, and cannot figure out what you’re supposed to fix in the Survey Flow. Or maybe you finally fix it, but when you export the data, you have no idea which participant was exposed to which condition!

You really need somebody with experience running this kind of Qualtrics project to just tell you what to do, but how would you even find people like that?

Just log into the Qualtrics Community.

What is the Qualtrics Community?

The Qualtrics Community is a space where you can ask other users all your pressing Qualtrics questions — simple or advanced. You can discuss everything from common support questions to bigger-picture advice on the course of your research. Some of our top contributors are seasoned academics, so you don’t have to waste time explaining what a Likert scale is or how a blind study works. Hundreds of active users (including other students like you) from all over the world post at all times of the day… even the ungodly hours before your finals.

“While we offer world-class training and support programs, sometimes users just want to quickly bounce an idea or problem off another user who has been in their shoes,” said Paul Sheets, Head of Global Operations at Qualtrics. “We created the Qualtrics Community as part of our ongoing commitment to helping our customers learn, collaborate and succeed.”

Can I really talk about anything?

Absolutely. So long as it’s Qualtrics related, there’s probably a community category that matches. You can even use the community to network – show off your Qualtrics skills, and you never know who might notice you and give you props for your expertise.

Some of the current topics are:

What if I am new to Qualtrics?

Qualtrics Community is built for everyone — expert and novice users alike. Don’t be afraid to join if you’re new to Qualtrics! We’ve got experts eager to give advice on everything from custom code solutions to picking the right order for your questions. This is a great place to learn from people who have been using the software for a long time, so take advantage of their expertise.

How do I get the most out of it?

To get the most out of the community experience, comment and react to the responses you find most helpful. You can also enter competitions and challenges to earn points and badges to level up in rank and show off your knowledge. And the Qualtrics Community team is always present to foster meaningful connections and help you network with other members.

How do I participate?

Anyone with a Qualtrics account can join the conversation. Just go to and Sign In with your usual login info. From there, you’ll be asked to set up your profile and get started.

(Although, if your school uses one login portal for everything, and you find you’re not able to sign up for the community, check out our page on Logging in with Your Organization ID.)

Once you’re in, check out this post to learn all about what you can do with the community.

What are you waiting for? Join the conversation today!