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My Qualtrics Experience – Cory Ramage – Solutions Architect – Provo, UT

At Qualtrics we believe in experiences.  We want to be sure we provide our employees the best employee experience possible.  One way we do this is to offer to pay for an annual ‘Qualtrics Experience’. The employee can decide when/where/how to have this experience and then let us know what they learned.  This story is […]

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Why Qualtrics – Meaghan Kavanaugh – Sales Recruiter – Dallas, TX

In everything I do, I hope to make a positive impact on people. Whether that’s my family, friends, coworkers, or even total strangers. Really, that’s what Qualtrics is all about too. Our company mission is literally “bettering the human experience.” We only get one life – why not make it the best it can be? […]

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Why Qualtrics – Andrew Coffman – Team Lead – Sydney, Australia

Everyone has an innate need to help other people. This is why it feels so good when you do something kind for another person. Or when you watch someone else be kind to others. I want to spend my life helping people. And Qualtrics has allowed me to do that in a multitude of ways. […]

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Why Qualtrics – Daniel Rosen – Account Executive – Sydney, Australia

So tell us a little bit about your ‘why’? I enjoy the challenge of going through the sales cycle where everything I do, everything I say and the way I say it makes a difference. How does Qualtrics connect with your ‘why’? The variety of the role, learning about different industries, organisations, and people. Having […]

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Why Qualtrics – Carol Hu – Staff Software Engineer – Seattle, WA

I have been a software engineer for more than 15 years, and I love it from the depth of my heart: from day one until this very moment. Of course, I have run into some frustrations, issues, and (sometimes) boring projects along the way, but for the most part, I am so glad that I […]

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Why Qualtrics – Charles Lasco – Senior Program Architect – Seattle, WA

I have an innate sense of curiosity and am passionate about learning. For example, in my personal life, I serve on the Board of Camp Fire Central Puget Sound, where I help in providing children the opportunity to experience the outdoors and develop leadership skills in an inclusive environment. Likewise, at Qualtrics, I am able […]

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