Product design is hard. A comprehensive study from 2015 tracked 8,800 new products and found that less than half of them were still available just three years after their introduction. Survival of the fittest, yes, but the same study showed that those failures result in massive lost profits for every failure.

And it’s not just design. Product managers and marketers face the inevitable pitfalls of market segmentation, product naming, and optimized pricing. Together they coalesce into one of the classic challenges of business: launching a successful, profitable product.

Qualtrics can help.

Introducing Qualtrics Master Sessions

We went out and found some of the best product innovators and researchers in the world, and brought them together for a free digital event: Qualtrics Master Sessions – Products: Innovators & Researchers. Hosted by Nir Eyal, the godfather of digital product development, Master Sessions brings together innovators from Airbnb, Citi, New Balance, Qualtrics, and Simple for tactical advice about how to build launch-proof products.

Starting September 19 and running weekly through the end of the year, dial in for a new free session every Wednesday.

  • Sept 19 – Nir Eyal – Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
  • Sept 26 – Airbnb, Michael Murakami – Get It Right: Identify and Avoid the Top 10 Survey Mistakes Even Product Experts Make
  • Oct 3 – How to Drive Product Design and Profits with Customer Segmentation
  • Oct 10 – New Balance, Charles Wilson – Liking Is the First Step: How to Find Your Product’s Fit in a Customer’s Life
  • Oct 17 – Product Success: What’s in a Name?
  • Oct 24 – Citi, Carey Kolaja – Research to Results: Embedding Human Insight into Experience Design
  • Oct 31 – Pricing Products for Maximum Profitability
  • Nov 7 – Simple, Zara Logue – Personas 2.0: How this Fast-Growing Startup Hardwires the Customer into Every Product Decision
  • Nov 14 – Best Features, Best Product: An Introduction to Optimization
  • Nov 21 – Test and Launch Effective Ads