Join Qualtrics in the Windy City at two different university events- we’ll be on-campus at Northwestern and UChicago for their career fairs. Learn more about the company that 9,000+ organizations worldwide and 75% of the Fortune 100 rely on to collect, analyze, and act on experience management data.

  • Northwestern University General Career Fair, 10/3, 12-4 PM
    University of Chicago Fall Career & Internship Fair, 10/5, 12-4 PM

As our technology scales from people and companies to communities and governments, we will begin to close gaps in ways we never dreamed possible.

Not only will our technology power the world’s greatest companies, but by understanding human emotions, beliefs, sentiments and values, we will close some of the world’s biggest gaps: political misunderstandings, human rights issues, health care disparities, gender equality, education, and income.

Because many of the world’s most pressing problems occur from a lack of understanding – and that’s a problem we can solve.

Doesn’t this sound like something you would like to be part of? ‘Want to have an impact on day one of your career’? Be sure to find us at your university this week in the windy city!

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